Trip Number 5  2020 Season
March 8 to 13, 2020
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader -
Sunday    Mary Jo, Bernice, Bruce and Rita drove up Sunday afternoon and had dinner at Giovanni’s. It was empty compared to our
last trip. Then some shopping and to the condo. Only five of us on this trip, with Claudia driving up tomorrow. So, three of us get
our own rooms, for only $30 more.
Monday   We were on the chairlift at Eagle Lodge at 8:28am. The parking lot was mostly empty and a lot more of the snow has
melted around the lot. We ski Chair 5, and were surprised that the corduroy snow was pretty decent. Then to Chair 3 and more of
the same. Lunch at McCoy Station. Mike, the survey guy and friend for many years, tells us about yesterday’s power failure. The
power supply to Main Lodge and all the surrounding buildings and ski lifts, fails and the crew has to turn on the emergency
generators to get people off the lifts. However, the Chair 1 generator failed and skiers had to be evacuated by rope. The Eagle and
Canyon lodges and lifts are on a separate electrical system and stayed operational. After lunch we ski mainly chairs 1, 2 and 3 and
then we went to The Mill for 2:30pm Happy Hour and pulled pork sliders. Back to the car about 3:30pm and then to the jacuzzi.
Claudia arrived at 5:00pm. Our Trip Leader, Bernice prepares a lovely spaghetti dinner, with homemade sauce and pasta direct from
Italy, before the virus. Along with grilled brussel sprouts and salad. And a blueberry pie that Claudia got at Schat’s Bakery on her way
up to Mammoth.
Mary Jo was ready for a
break at The Mill.
Bernice. Mary Jo and Rita at
The Mill. And my last mystery
picture of "The Chain".
Bruce, Claudia, Bernice, Mary Jo and Rita enjoying the
lovely dinner by Trip Leader, Bernice.
Tuesday   More of the same, but Sheri, who we met two trips ago, meets us for lunch at McCoy’s. The six of us do some runs
together and then meet up at The Mill for $2 tacos. The four of us ski until 4:00 pm. Leftovers for dinner and Sheri joins us. We
watch TV, as Biden seems to be winning today’s elections.
Mary Jo, Bernice, Claudia, Sheri, Bruce and Rita, at the long
tables in McCoy Station.
Rita, Claudia, Mary Jo, Bernice, Sheri and Bruce. We spotted
Woolly from the chairlift but never got a picture of him on this
Wednesday    About 3:30am I look out the window to see that some wet snow had accumulated on the cars. We got on the third
chair up Eagle Express and begin skiing on the new snow. There was a cloud hanging over the mountain most of the day, that made
visibility a challenge. Because of that, Claudia leaves early to drive home to take care of her sick dog, who has a bad tooth infection.
After a few runs in the best snow we have had all this season, we skied over to Facelift Express. But the cloud is too dense to see, so
we skied on Chairs 1 & 2 and eventually went up Chair 3. We traversed across Cornice Bowl and skied Scotty’s, in about 3” of heavy
powder. We met up with Bernice at McCoy’s for lunch. They are now making the salad for you, so you do not contaminate the
food. More top to bottom skiing, and then to The Mill for pork sliders. Someone stole Rita’s fanny pack with her phone in it.
Fortunately, we got it back when it was ditched into a trash bin, in the women’s toilet. Back to the car at 4:00pm and we drive to
ASO sport shop to have my boots adjusted. “Porkchop”, adds two rubber pads on each shin, which should make the boot more
secure on my foot. Bernice makes us another lovely dinner of breaded salmon and vegetables. We are all depressed watching the
news about the coronavirus. All of us will be canceling trips we had planned and all sporting events and gatherings of more than 250
people are banned.
Sheri, Mary Jo, Rita, Bernice and Claudia, ski the back of Chair
3, together on Tuesday afternoon.
Facelift Express from outside McCoy Station, after lunch on
Thursday. Look closely and you can spot Rita and Mary Jo.
Thursday   We are on the second chair up and ski our usual routine, starting at High Five Express, good snow, and then on to Facelift
Express. As in the past days. Bernice goes her own way.  As we ride up, we can see that they have opened Chair 23. The top is still in
the cloud, but we decide to try it anyway. Visibility is limited but we can see well enough to find our way to the top of Cornice Bowl.
The 80mph wind is blowing snow pebbles in our face as we try to start down the run. The snow below was firm but not icy and we
all enjoyed the experience. After some discussion, we decided to try it again. More of the same, but this time we head to the top in
a tuck position to overcome the wind and then stand up tall and the wind almost holds us in place, before we ski down. Someone
says one more time and up we go again. We are getting really good at skiing right past those skiers who are a little nervous about
the snowy wind in their face. This morning may be the most fun we had this season and we complete 10 runs before heading into
lunch. Sheri and Bernice are waiting for us at our table and Mike the survey guy, stops to say hello.  He tells us that Crested Butte in
Colorado is about to close due to the virus. Also, the Dous Winery tasting area in McCoy Station, has closed due to the virus.
 Sheri and Bernice go one way and the three of us go another way and we all meet at The Mill for Happy Hour. No one wanted
today’s special, chili dogs. Three more chairlift rides and we meet Bernice at the car at 4:00pm. We all go to the jacuzzi to relax.
Bernice and Mary Jo went to the sauna as the cornbread cooks in the oven. Tonight, we eat Rita’s lentil, kale and spinach soup
along with cornbread and salad by Bernice. We are all packing up by 8:30pm
Gold Rush Express from The Mill, with the Stump Alley run in
the background, on Thursday.
Mary Jo, Rita, Bernice and Bruce, finish off the leftovers for
Friday    We get the car all packed up and we are on the third lift up at Eagle Lodge. We skied a couple of runs on Chair 5 and then
head to Chair 3. Rita and Mary Jo try out the Cornice and find that it was not as fun as yesterday. We go to McCoy Station for lunch
and they have done some more precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. Plastic utensils in their own wrapper and tables for
four, which we used. Out on the lifts, there are no more single lines, just a sign that says, “Make your own group”. You can ride solo
in the chair or gondola. Of course, this makes the lines even longer. We ski a couple of runs after lunch and then headed to the car.
We changed at the condo and were on the road by 1:50pm.
A "We Love Mammoth" snow carving, at the top of High Five
Express. And the top of Mammoth Mountain. These are the
photos the Mammoth publicity department uses. The snow
looks great. Thanks to the Mammoth snow groomers.
On Saturday the wind closed the mountain and on Sunday all of the mountains using the IKON pass will be closed. Especially sad
because Mammoth was finally going to get a dump of snow. And on Monday all people over 65, most of KSC, are to self-
quarantine in our homes.

We canceled the last trip of the season because of lack of snow but the Coronavirus will now keep us from coming back even if
they get snow. This has been the worse snow year that I can remember, which will affect all of the state with a lack of water this
Summer. Conserve where you can. Hunker Down and stay safe.

Next year’s passes are already on sale. Let’s all hope for a much improved global and local environment, so we can enjoy being
together again.
Bruce       Hi again. As of 10-21-20 we are still staying in and I just posted that KSC will miss the 2021 season.
The  Sign of the Times!
I figure that we would be safe skiing, but going in the lodges and
toilets would not be safe. And if any of the 8 of us in the condo got
sick, we would all be sick by the time we got home. So with an
abundance of caution, we have decided to forgo KSC trips until we
can be protected with a vaccine. Stay safe and healthy and I look
forward to being with you all again next season. Bruce  10-21-20