Trip Number 4  2020 Season
February 16-21, 2020
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Kip
Sunday   Mary Jo, Rita, Glenn and Bruce drove up at 1:00pm and had dinner at Wok-n-Roll Chinese Restaurant. Giovanni’s was
packed due to Presidents weekend. Bernice, Kip and Wendy, drove up at 11:30am and waited for 45 minutes at Giovanni’s. No
snow in the City.
Monday  Everyone but Glenn, who likes to sleep in, is out the door by 8:00. Bernice, Wendy and Kip headed to June Mountain and
the three of us headed to Eagle Lodge. Half of the parking lot is $30 a space. All about the money. Most of Chair 9 is un-skiable or
closed. Solitude is pretty good and Center Bowl is icy. Sunny cool morning. Glenn is on the Red Line at 10:00am and we headed to
the top to try Cornice Bowl. At 11:30am we all met up at McCoy Station for lunch. Out for more skiing on increasingly icy runs. At
2:30pm we headed to The Mill for Happy Hour, $2 pulled pork sliders. We decide we have had enough skiing and head back to
Eagle Lodge and our car. We hear from our friends who went to June Mountain, that it was empty, icy and boring. Jacuzzi and
sauna and then Kip’s chili and salad dinner. All very good.
View driving into Mammoth Sunday Evening.
View of mountains just above Mammoth lakes on
Monday morning from Eagle Lodge parking area.
Glenn, Wendy, Kip, Rita, Bernice and Mary Jo enjoy Monday night dinner.
Bernice enjoying the day at June
Tuesday  Bernice joins us and the four of us were in line at Chair 15 when it opened at 8:30am. We spend 1.5 hours on Chair
5 and Solitude. Claudia begins her drive up to Mammoth. Glenn rests his knee, and Kip and Wendy take the Redline to Main
Lodge. Everyone but Glenn is at McCoy Station for lunch. We visited the pop-up wine bar by the Woolly Mammoth in McCoy
Station and try some samples. “The Pessimist”, wine for those that expect to be disappointed was one of the choices. More
skiing and then Happy Hour for Carnitas Tacos, and then back to the car. Glenn made it out and skies the last two hours, as
did Claudia. Homemade pizza with the cheese on the top (?) and salad for everyone.
Rita, Bernice and Mary Jo at the
Eagle Lodge parking area.
Bruce, Rita, Woolly, Bernice and Mary Jo having a fun
moment on the top of Face Lift, chair 3.
Wednesday  Sunny, cold and icy was the state of skiing today. Every run was very slick and slippery. All but Glenn had lunch
together at McCoy Station. We met up with Glenn after lunch and ski until another Happy Hour at The Mill. He skied three
more runs and we headed to the car. Dinner is a pot luck meal by Bernice, Rita and Wendy. All very good. Some watched zoo
animals having sex, while others watched the Democratic Debate from Nevada.
Top of Mammoth Mountain with the Minarets in the
Rita, Mary Jo and Bruce in front of the new mountain
post. The horizontal band just near Bruce's arm, is 12'
high, so snow is 8' deep at this point.
Thursday  More of the same with ice on every run. I only skied Chairs 1, 3 and 5. We all ate at McCoy Station for lunch and said
goodbye to Bernice, Kip and Wendy, who left for home this afternoon. Former member, John S., stoped by and we skied with him in
the afternoon. As usual we finished our day at The Mill. Potluck leftovers for dinner.
I have make it yourself salad every day for
lunch. On the first bite, the fork came out
with this carrot, complete with mouth,
eyes and a hat.  I showed the picture to
Tye, the McCoy Station manager. He said
he loves seeing happy faces.
The pop-up wine bar at McCoy Station, from the Daos Winery of
Paso Robles, CA.
Mary Jo, Glenn and Rita enjoying carnitas sliders at The
Mill Happy Hour.
Glenn, John, Mary Jo, Rita and Bruce at The Mill.
John takes a selfie of the ski group at The Mill.
Woolly on Top of 3.
Another clue, as to the
location of the frozen chain
from the last trip. ??
Friday   Claudia leaves for home to go play with Paquito, her dog. Glenn decides that all the icy bumpy skiing he loves, his knee does
not, and should not ski. Mary Jo is a little sore and Rita would be happy to not be driving home late at night. And we all decide the
ice on the mountain did not get better overnight. And we would be safer if we did not go sliding down the mountain another day.
So, we pack up and we’re on the freeway home by 8:30am. We stop in Bishop at the Outdoor Shop, but only buy a package of
freeze-dried food. Drop off Rita in Mojave, Glenn at the Newbury Park-n-ride, and we are home by 2:00pm. With no new snow in
the forecast, we dread our next trip, may be more of the same, but worse.
Pyramid Mountain (?) from the road down to Bishop.
"Snow Cranes"?
Rita's dinner from our last trip.