Trip Number 3  2020 Season
January 26-31, 2020
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Rita
Sunday - Bernice and new members Jeanine, Jan and Wendy, drove up at 10:45am and Mary Jo, Rita and I leave at 2:00pm and
we all met up at Giovanni’s for dinner. Once again Mammoth needs a lot more snow
, so our expectations for Monday are low.  
Glenn is due up Tuesday night.
Monday - Five of us started at Eagle Lodge and tried Chair 9. The 3” of snow from the Sunday morning storm, blended in with
the ice and made for a nice day of skiing. We ski
ed multiple runs on Chair 9.  Jan and Wendy took the Red Line to Main Lodge.
Wendy got a great deal on a group lesson. She was the only student. Bernice
was not up for the top today and went to find Jan,
while four of us ski
ed Cornice and Scotty's. We all met up at McCoy’s for lunch. Wendy, Jan, Jeanine & Bernice took the
gondola to the top and visit
ed the Mammoth Museum. They liked the movie about Dave McCoy building the ski lifts and lodge.
After the ride back down they all decide
d that it was time to call it a day and took the bus back to the condo. Bernice, Mary Jo,
Rita and I ski
ed until 3:30pm. We took Rita’s skis to the ASO ski shop for a wax job. Trip Leader Rita made an amazing
vegetarian stew, salad and corn bread for dinner.  After some good conversation we all head
ed to our rooms for sleep.
Bruce, Jeanine, Rita and Mary Jo at 11,064 feet above
sea level on top of Mammoth Mountain.
Jeanine, Rita and Mary Jo with the new taller wood
Mammoth info sign. Snow was about 9' deep at the
Wendy (standing), Bernice, Jeanine, Rita, Mary Jo and Jan (seated) show off Rita's
homemade cornbread, vegetarian chili and salad at Monday nights dinner.
Bruce's make it yourself salad at McCoy
Tuesday - We were all up early and out the door by 8:00am. We went to pick up Rita’s skis and I got some new poles. Bernice
ed with us most of the morning. Jeannine went to Footloose for a boot adjustment. Wendy and Jan took the Red Line to Main
Lodge. Once again, we all met up for lunch at 11:30am.  Jeannine ask
ed if we will go up to the Cornice with her. We made one run
down, but it is pretty icy. The four of us ski
ed together to the end of the day. At 3:00pm we went to The Mill for Taco Tuesday and
$1 tacos. Back at the condo, some head
ed to the jacuzzi and sauna. Rita, who went above and beyond and made a second dinner
of, Cajun veggie and potato chowder, along with another cornbread and salad. Wow, another great meal. Glenn
was on the way
up and arrive
d at 11:00pm.
Jan, Jeanine and Bernice on the Top of Mammoth Mountain. Photo
by Wendy.
Cool looking cloud above Mammoth Mountain from
the top of Chair 5. It looked like a rainbow in person.
Rita, Mary Jo and Jeanine on the
top of Mammoth. One run down
an icy Cornice was enough.
Today's quiz for those that
were not on the trip. Where
was this photo taken?
Bruce, Rita, Mary Jo and Jeanine take a selfie.
Wednesday - Everyone but Glenn got up early and five of our group were on the second chair up, at Eagle Lodge. Wendy and
Jeannine t
ook the Red Line bus to Main Lodge to begin their ski day. Rita, Mary Jo and I were very happy to see how well the
grooming crew smoothed out Solitude
, after finding it terrible the day before. We made at least ten runs and find that you need
at least forty turns, but not more than 80 to ski, top to bottom. We then
went to see how the rest of the mountain is fairing.
were blowing snow on the Face of Three (actually named “Center Bowl, who knew) and on the run down to Chair 23 from
the back of Chair 3. They had taken the gondolas off last night and did not put them back due to high winds on the upper
mountain. The snowboards and skiers
were doing qualifying on the half-pipe and the jumps. We stop and take a picture with
Woolly and then to lunch.  All eight of us ha
d lunch together. We noted that no one has seen Wendy actually ski. Jan, Bernice
and Wendy ski
ed a little and then headed home. Five of us headed off and skied all parts of Chair Three and then went to The
Mill at 2:30pm for $2 sliders. Really good. On the bar TV, Rafael Nadal loses a four-game match in the Australian Open. Back on
the slopes at 3:10pm we t
ook our last ride up Chair 5 at 4:00pm and then skied to the car at Eagle Lodge. Tonight, is leftovers
dinner with chowder, chili and salad. Plenty for all.
Mary Jo, Rita, Woolly and Bruce cheered on the skiers in the
terrain jumps on Broadway. Note there are lots of pictures
of Woolly and Kronies on the Photo pages.  
Bernice, Wendy, Rita, Bruce, Glenn, Mary Jo, Jeanine and
Jan in McCoy Station for lunch.
Thursday - More of the same, cold and a little wind, but a cloud drops down on the mountain and the top is closed for a few
hours. The gondolas never did run but
, Chair 23 operated when the clouds lifted. The skiers in the Land Rover Grand Prix
snowboard and skiing competition were doing qualifying rounds. Five of us were skiing together and a single woman joined us,
going up on Chair Two. It turned out we have some things in common and that she was working in Pasadena. So, Sheri joined us
for a few runs until her boot broke and her ski came off. Fortunately, right as we go on Chair One, so it did not drop on anyone.
So, she had to ride the chair up and then, back down with the skis on her lap. I got her to the rental shop and said we might see
her later at lunch. All 8 of us were eating at McCoy Station when she came to join us.  After lunch we got a group photo. She
went to change demo boots and we all went skiing. We bump into Wendy and she leads us down Rusty’s run, to Chair One. Yes,
she does ski. We took a break at The Mill at 2:30pm for $3 chili dogs. Only Glenn had them. He did not watch the Game Changer
movie last trip. There we met Jessica who was working with the Disabled Skiers Association, who let us share her table. And
surprisingly Sheri happens to come by, as did Wendy. Off we go and I ride up with Wendy and convince her to ski the Back of
Three with our group. She does just fine but decides to quit while she is ahead. With less than 30 minutes to closing, Glenn,
Jeannine, Rita, Mary Jo and Bruce squeeze in three more runs and finish
ed at Eagle Lodge at 4:15pm. Then back to the condo and
dinner with more leftovers.
Sheri on her ride back down Chair 1 to Main Lodge, in
her broken boots and skis on her lap. She got rental
boots and was back to skiing.
Sheri, Glenn, Jeanine, Bernice, Mary Jo, Rita and Bruce
after lunch outside McCoy Station.
Wendy, Jeanine, Mary Jo, Bernice and Rita on the top of
Chair 2, Stump Alley Express.
Jan, Bruce, Mary Jo, Wendy, Glenn, Jeanine, Rita and Bernice in
the condo, after at our last dunner of the trip.
Friday - We have to be out of the condo, so we are up earlier to finish packing and load the cars. Wendy does not have a lift ticket
and they are too expensive for a half day of skiing and so waits in the condo. And Mary Jo is a little sick and decides to rest. Glenn
always sleeps in and comes up later. So, five of us dr
ove to Eagle Lodge and took Chair 15, just as it opened. Jeannine joined us
and Bernice and Jan explore
d the runs near Eagle. We skied Five and Three and then Jeannine says the weather looks perfect to
ski Cornice Bowl. So, we take the gondola from Mc Coy’s and make three runs. Fast snow. Couple more runs and Jeannine takes
off to meet the others at Eagle Lodge at 11:30am., and they all head for home. Rita and I stop to watch the ski competition and
visit the booths to look for swag and a pink mustache from Paul Mitchell. Back to the lifts and more, Top of 3 to the Bottom of 1,
ski runs. We
were supposed to be back at the condo at 1:00 pm to pick up Mary Jo for the drive home. But we are having a really
great day. So, one more run on Chair Three at 12:40pm, down to Goldrush, Chair 10, up to the top and then down to Eagle.  All of
the last runs are slushy and not icy, the way they are at the end of the day. We arrive
d at the condo with 3 minutes to spare. We
ped Rita off at her car in Mojave at 4:45pm and then on to Pasadena, arriving home at 6:15pm. All in all, a very nice week of
skiing. And a really big thanks to Trip Leader Rita, who provided great dinners for all four nights. Back again in two weeks. Do a
snow dance, they really need it.     Below:     Rita & Jeanine on Wall Street       Woolly, Rita & Jeanine       Everyone wears a helmet.