Trip Number 2  2020 Season
January 6-10, 2020                 Trip 1 was canceled.
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Mary Jo
Sunday. Rita and son Michael drove from San Luis Obispo, Bernice, Kip and Christel drove from Pasadena at 10:00am and
arrived at the condo just after Rita. Mary Jo picked me up a 1:00pm and we met Glenn at the Newhall Park-n-Ride off the 14
Freeway. We arrrived at Giovanni’s in Mammoth for dinner just after 6pm. Another good meal and then we went to Vons for
more groceries. We were looking forward to our first club trip in 2020. Snow was not fresh and only a little new snow was
predicted for Thursday. So low expectations. Note that we canceled Trip 1 , not enough sign-ups, due to lack of snow. And
then it snowed!
Monday. Glenn slept in while everyone else was up for breakfast at 7am. Rita drove Michael, Mary Jo and I to Eagle Lodge to
start the day. We were on the Lift 15 by 8:40am and headed to Cloud 9 Express to begin skiing. Kip took the Red Line bus to
Main Lodge and Glenn got a ride with Bernice. We all met up at McCoy’s for lunch. Prices have gone up dramatically under the
new management. A 'make it yourself salad' with meat is $16.75. Back out to ski we toured most of the mountain and ended up
at The Mill for the Monday Special, pulled pork sliders for $2.00. They were a great value and very good. That closed out our
day and we skied to the car or bus. Snow was getting thin and rocks starting to show. Most runs had icy patches but we had a
good time. Back at the condo our Trip Leader, Mary Jo, was working on her delicious mushroom chicken and couscous dinner.
We all ate together and then watched the movie ‘Judy’ on DVD. Depressing movie about Judy Garland’s start in 'Wizard of Oz'
and her end, at age 47, singing in London.
Bruce in orange boots, Glenn, Mary Jo, Rita and son
Michael, on holiday from Perth, Australia, on the top of
Mammoth, with the Minarets in the background.
Michael, Rita and Mary Jo, taking the last run down
Christmas Tree to the car at Eagle Lodge (Tent?) parking
Tuesday. An almost identical ski day but we get Taco Tuesday at the Mill. Dinner was a creation of custom pizzas thanks to Kip,
Mary Jo and Bernice. On TV we heard that Iran had launched missiles at Iraq airbases, where US soldiers are based. Give peace
a chance. And after dinner we watched the first Jeopardy Championship Game.
Micheal, Rita, Kip Mary Jo and Bruce on a very cold and windy Wednesday.
Christel, the Grand Dame of Kronenstadt,
walked all over the city, looking marvelous.
Wednesday. MISERABLE!  In a word, those were the ski conditions, icy, windy and cold. Glenn stayed in the condo. Bernice
came out and brought me some more clothing to stay warm. We are off the mountain by 2:00. Mary Jo and I went shopping
for new ski boots, starting at ASO, then Kitridge and Footloose. I ended up buying Nordica’s from ASO and got demo skis.  That
night we shared dinner and we watched the movie, 'Game Changer', a documentary to convince you that you should eat vegan
and no more food from animals. This was shown as healthier and needed to help reduce global warming. We then watched the
next Jeopardy match. Now a two-way tie.
Bernice, Christel, Bruce (no longer in
orange boots), Rita and Mary Jo, at
the end of a day of skiing on Thursday.
Bruce's signature, Salomon
Equipe Racing ski boots,
where officially retired on
January 9, 2020 after 22
years of faithful service.
He bought them new for
$99, at a Sports Chalet
parking lot sale, along with
his first snowboard.
Bruce and friend in condo parking lot, thanks to
the neighbor's kids.    Overheard at McCoy's, by
a kids ski instructor. " What did one snowman
say to another snowman?    I smell carrots."
Thursday. Today it was supposed to snow a little. But we get lucky and it snowed most of the day. I added some Super Feet to
my new ski boots, with some great help by Nick at the Mammoth shop. We skied all over the mountain and finished around 4:
15pm. “Pork Chop”, the General manager of ASO was running the scoreboard for the Mammoth HS basketball team as they
beat Lone Pine that evening, and so I have to come in early tomorrow. We all ate in again, finishing Mary Jo’s chicken and
mushrooms dinner and Bernice’s, condo made, apple pie. And then more Jeopardy. Score 2:1.
L to R.  Kip, Bernice, Bruce, Glenn, Michael,  Mary Jo, Rita and Christel are all
smiles after another great meal, thanks to our trip leader Mary Jo.
Back to the car under Eagle Express,
Chair 15, with the setting sun on the
White Mountains and a full moon.
Friday. I got up early, but Rita was already in the kitchen. I went to ASO at 7:30am and Pork Chop, adjusts my new boots and
gave me a good deal on new Nordica skis. Back to the condo to pack the car and head to the mountain. Glenn slept in while
Bernice, Kip and Christel cleaned out the locker Christel has had at Mammoth for 40 years. We skied the top and helped a fellow
skier who lost both skis and slid all the way to the bottom of Cornice Bowl. We met up with Glenn at lunch. All vegan after that
movie. Susan C, a long time KSC member, stopped by to say hello. She was up with the Balboa Ski Club. Kip hurt her knee
yesterday, during a self-inflicted skiing fall and stayed off the slopes today. We are all hoping for her to have a speedy recovery.
Mike and Rita leave about 1:30 and Mary Jo, Glenn and I quit at 2:30pm. Home by 8:30pm.
     We will be back in two weeks and will miss the always smiling face of Christel, who has had to finally quit skiing, after almost
75 years. She started on a small pair of wood skis made by her father in Germany. Although she can’t ski because of doctor’s
orders, she is still traveling the world and is close to having visited over 100 countries. She loves company, if you want to go
along. She will remain as the club Social VP and is already planning the KSC Holiday Party at her home on December 5th. This
maybe the 60th birthday of the Kronenstadt Ski Club. Hope to see you all there.
     It is impossible to find a
picture of Christel without a
smile. During the 46 years that I
have known her, Christel has
always been an upbeat person
who goes all out to support the
club and her many friends. We
will miss you on the mountain,
but we know you will be with
your Kronie friends in spirit. We
wish you all the best and look
forward to traveling with you for
many years to come.  Bruce