Trip Number 7  2019 Season
March 24-29, 2019  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Christel
Sunday. Mary Jo and Bernice pick me up at 1:15pm and then we drive to Mojave where we pick up Rita, who has driven from
San Luis Obispo. We drive on to Mammoth and are having dinner at Giovanni’s by 6:45pm. Then to Vons’s for a little shopping.
Later in the afternoon Glenn picks up Christel and Kip at a Park n Ride in Newhall. They stop for dinner in Lone Pine and arrive
around 9:30pm.
Monday. Rita is sick and stays in, while Mary Jo drives Bruce, Kip and Bernice to Eagle Lodge and Chair 15. We are on the first
chairs up, as usual. We split up and start skiing. Meanwhile Christel takes the Red Line bus to Main Lodge, and Glenn follows
later in the morning. 40 degrees and sunny skies made for a nice day of skiing. We all meet up at McCoy Station for lunch. We
ski to about 3:30pm. Dinner of leftovers from last night and Glenn goes out.
Tuesday. We all get to the hill the same as Monday, but this day it is colder and windy. Mary Jo and Bruce decide that staying in
a gondola is the warmest way up the mountain. We make 6, top to bottom runs, over 13,000 vertical feet before lunch. And
three more after lunch. Bernice and Mike B. ski together and leave for Pasadena at 1:00pm. They both have work to do at
home.  Christel has a great day of skiing. Glenn tweaked his knee on Monday and will have to rest it for two days.  We fix some
pasta for dinner and eat in.  Glenn, Mary Jo and Christel watch a movie on his laptop.
A real interesting icicle, created
from water dripping from the
balcony roof gutter of our condo.
It joined with the snow at the
Mary Jo, Woolly and Bruce at the Lower Gondola.

Face of High Five Express, with smooth fresh snow and great
Wednesday. It is supposed to be so windy that lifts will close, but turns out to be an amazing day of fresh powder skiing. The
wind is not too bad and only the top is closed. Rita skis, and Christel takes the day off, along with Glenn. The distance visibility is
good, but on the slopes, it is Vertigo City in the flat light.  The Ski Patrol puts out sticks with green markers to help you find your
way down the Back of Three. Works really well. 6”-8” of new snow accumulates during the morning for great skiing. We wear
ourselves out and spend more time at lunch. It is much more of a blizzard after lunch. The four of us ski until about 3:00pm.
Glenn fixes a chicken and pasta casserole for dinner.
Bottom of Face Lift Express on Thursday with the Lift Hut
half buried. The top of the mountain did not open until
Friday morning.
Top of Face lift looking up to the 11,053 ft summit of
Mammoth Mountain and the gondolas. You can barely see
the avalanche snow slightly darker. There were at least 15
avalanches on the summit. The howitzer was still firing on
Thursday afternoon.
Thursday. After breakfast Christel heads to the bus while the four of us clean 4” of new snow off the car and put on the chains.
At Chair 15 Mary Jo goes in to rent Blizzard, Black Pearl powder skis, while Kip, Rita and I head off to find the fresh powder. It is
still snowing lightly as we head up Chair 22, to the top of Lincoln Mountain. The hardcore guys have already tracked up all the
runs under the chairlift. I am using my snowboard today and enjoy the powder in the trees. Chair 5 is on weather hold so we ski
Chair 10 waiting for 5 to open. Mary Jo gets there first and has several great runs. I board by myself, because I cannot keep up
with the sisters without my skis. We all meet up for lunch at McCoy Station. Kip, Glenn and Christel have been skiing, but only Kip
joins us for lunch. The morning’s powder snow is all gone and I wish I was back on skis. I make several runs on the Face of Three
and find some friendly snow. I take a break at 2:15pm and meet up with Rita, Mary Jo and Glenn. He and I head back up Chair 3
and at 3:15pm they have just opened the back side runs. Now I am glad I still have my snowboard, although the snow could best
be described as “Sierra Cement’s” firmer and tougher older brother. I get in 5 runs before going up Chair 10 to meet Rita and
Mary Jo at the car at Eagle parking lot. They have already removed the chains and we head to the condo. Everyone makes their
own leftovers for dinner and then we watch the DVD movie of, “The Green Book”. Long and tiring day.
On the top of Chair Three, skiers await the opening of the
back side runs, once avalanche control is complete.
The new Ski Patrol and Lift Operator Hut on the top of Face
Lift Express. At least five more feet of snow covers the
building since we were here last.
Friday. Up early for breakfast and pack up to leave. We three are at Eagle parking at 8:25am and get a free space. All the $40
spaces will eventually be sold. Seems like price gouging. Kip and Christel take the Red Line to Main Lodge and Glenn comes up
by car about 11:30am. The top of the mountain is open and the powder hounds are everywhere except Cornice Bowl. They did
not groom this run as usual and it has a large lip and is covered with avalanche snow. Not good for skiing. We meet Kip and
Christel in a long Chair 2 line on our way up to lunch. Just as we are leaving, Glenn joins us. He is demo-ing powder skis and skis
on three pairs. He likes the Volkl Mantra the best and the Black Crows. We ski a few runs and Glenn leaves to change skis. We
ski down the Face of 3, over Coyote and ski two more runs on the Face of 5. Then call it a week and head to Eagle Lodge to get
our car. On the road home by 2:40pm. Glenn skis to closing and then he, Christel and Kip all head home. A very good week of
skiing to end our 2019 season.
Rita, Mary Jo and Bruce on Cloud Nine Express. You know it
will be a good day when we start on this chairlift.
Rita and Mary Jo on the face of Chair 9.
Kip, Christel, Bruce, Mary Jo and
Rita are all smiles going in for
lunch at McCoy Station.
Same Kronies, now looking into
the sun.
KSC President and Website editor, Bruce takes a
selfie reflected in his goggles. This year we ended the
season with the very popular 5 day mid-week ski
trips. We plan to have more of those next year and
stay away from the crowded weekends at Mammoth.

I just renewed my IKON Base Pass for next season, as
did Christel, who is keeping her ski locker and plans at
least one more year on the slopes. Yea! Make sure to
renew before April 24th to get the lower rate.
Christel is planning for the Summer Party. See you
then. Bruce