Trip Number 6  2019 Season
March 3-8, 2019  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Aili
At the last minute I had to cancel going on this trip to attend a funeral in RI. Julie and Kijae had also canceled, so only six
Kronies got to enjoy the amazing snow this week. The following story and photos are by Mary Jo.  Photos to follow.
Monday, March 4

Monday was a beautiful blue-sky day. Aili, Bernice, Kip and Mary Jo found a spot in the Eagle parking lot and were on the
chair by 8:40. The four ladies skied the morning from chairs 1 and 2 because mid and upper lifts were slow to open.  Aili
and Mary Jo took two runs down Gravy Shute.  Christel skied chair 12 and reported having a wonderful time.  After lunch
at McCoy, Bernice and Kip skied the lower slopes while Glen and Mary Jo skied the face of 3.  Next, they met up with Aili
at chair 5.  The ladies finished skiing about 3:00.  Glenn made several more runs, including one from the top.  Everyone
riding chair 1 enjoyed watching the snowboarders and skiers do their practice jumps and tricks in preparation for
competition at the end of the week.
Tuesday, March 5

The storm that was predicted arrived on time.  Christal gave the day a miss while the other ladies drove to Eagle for an
early start.  Visibility was poor, the wind was up, and later in the day the snowfall was wet.  Kip, Bernice and Mary Jo took
a run down 5 then met up with Aili at chair 2.  They skied Mambo until visibility deteriorated there as well, so they moved
lower on the mountain.  After lunch at Canyon they skied 16, 8, and 15 before finishing early, and very wet, in favor of
the jacuzzi and sauna.  Glenn skied mid mountain until after lunch, when he also sought better visibility lower down the
mountain.  That evening, chef Aili and sous chef Christel served a delicious dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes and
sautéed vegetables.  Everyone enjoyed key lime pie, courtesy of Bernice.
Wednesday, March 6

Wednesday offered a snow storm with high winds.  Glenn and Bernice took the opportunity to get some work done.  The
other ladies shopped at the Bass Outlet and Vons, dropped off skis for waxing, and took a long walk.  Everyone enjoyed a
reprise of last night's diner.   Glenn shared a wonderful movie, The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, with the group after
Thursday, March 7

Thursday began as a beautiful sunny day with little wind.  The overnight storm left 12” - 24" of new snow.  Mammoth's
avalanche crew was busy assessing and detonating charges all over the upper mountain.  The Toyota U.S. Snowboard
and Freeski Grand Prix competition began in front of the Main Lodge.  Glenn demoed new skis.  Aili skied alone much of
the day, working on her technique and trying to get her "left leg to behave."  Kip, Mary Jo and Bernice skied the morning
hours on chairs 2 and 1.  Mary Jo made a run down the face of 5 (hard work).  Christel skied chair 6 and made friends
with some eighty years young skiers.  After lunch the sky clouded over.  Bernice headed for chair 16.  Mary Jo and Kip
continued on 1, 2 and 4, then met Aili for a few runs on 8 before heading back to the condo at 4:00.
Friday, March 8

Friday morning was cold and very windy.  Christel and Bernice stayed at the condo.  All lifts were closed, with the
exception of 8, 15, 20 and the beginner lifts.  Aili caught the bus for Main Lodge but had to take another bus to access an
open lift.  Kip and Mary Jo skied lift 15, and were later joined by Aili.  They managed to ski as many runs as they could by
using the singles line.  Glenn skied chair 8.  Other lifts began to open in the early afternoon but it was time to leave.  All
were off the mountain by 2:00 and on the road by 3:00.  Overall, a good ski week, with lots of fresh snow, but everyone
is hoping for more sunny days on our next trip.
Trip Leader Aili, with Bernice and
Mary Jo, enjoying the ride to
more fresh snow.
Christel, Bernice, Glenn, Aili, Kip
and Mary Jo enjoying the treat of
a home cooked meal, thanks to
Kip. Christel and Aili go for a walk
on a non ski day.
Mary Jo, Aili, Bernice and Kip
enjoying the new snow outside
Canyon Lodge.
While in Rumford, RI, I still got to
play in the snow and make a
snowman with daughter Lauri
and granddaughter Eleanor.
And former member John,
enjoying June mountain to
himself on March 12th.