Trip Number 5  2019 Season
February 10-15, 2019  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Mary Jo
SUNDAY  Team Julie, with Christel, Kip and Kijae leave La Canada at 10:00am on Sunday and arrive at Mammoth at 5:30pm.  
Chains were required but her 4WD made it without them. Team Mary Jo, with Rita, Bernice and Bruce leave Pasadena at 1:
30pm and arrive Mammoth for dinner at Giovanni’s at 7:00pm. Salmon for everyone. Rita and Bruce put on the chains, while
Mary Jo and Bernice get the breakfast groceries at Vons. We watch Victoria on TV and in bed by 10:00pm.
MONDAY  Team MJ plus Kip and minus Rita, who is under the weather, are at Eagle Express as it opens at 8:30pm. Up and
down Canyon Express 16, because the upper chairs are not running yet pending avalanche control. We head to Stump Alley
Express 2, and ski there and Broadway Express 1. As the mountain opens up, there are lines at 5, 3 and 23 with pow
der hounds
waiting for first tracks in the fresh powder. We move to Face Lift 3 when the crowd has moved on, and get many great runs
before lunch. We watch the skiers make first tracks down the entire upper mountain. We all meet up at McCoy Station for
lunch. Meanwhile Team Julie, minus Julie who is still suffering from being run over by an errant skier during her and Christel’s
trip to Steamboat, CO, ski out of Main Lodge. After lunch we ski on the lower runs, that have short lines, and finish the day at
4:00. During a break at The Mill, I get a phone call from Kip's phone, which was left on the Village Gondola. So we ski over to
Canyon  Lodge and get it back
, thanks to a good Samaritan and two Mammoth lift operators. Kip had quit a little earlier and
takes the Gondola to the Village. Then takes the shuttle back to the condo, minus her phone. Very fortunate. Sauna, jacuzzi,
showers and dinner. Mary Jo wore me out skiing today, so I head to bed by 8:30pm.
TUESDAY  Team MJ is on Chair 15 when it opens and take 16 to Chair 2. Every chair above Stump Alley Express is closed due
to high winds. We ski 6 and 2 for several runs and then Chair 6 closes, as does the lower gondola. So, we ride Discovery
11 three times and then take the parking lot shuttle to Chair 2, that surprisingly is still running. We ski the chair from
11:00am to 12:40 pm and are on the last 20 chairs going up, before it closes as winds exceed 70mph. This day was the first
time I remember skiing, when I could see the entire mountain in the sunshine, but could not ski it because of the wind. We
take Chair 21 to Canyon Lodge and meet Kip for lunch. Christel
, Kip and Kijae came out late and only got in a couple of runs.
Kip stayed on the mountain while the other two headed to the condo. Because Wednesday and Thursday are to be full
blizzard days, Team Julie heads for home, minus Kip who plans to take the Highway 395 Bus to Lancaster on Friday morning.
Team MJ heads to Chair 20 after lunch and has fun on runs we have never skied before. Then to Chair 8 to Eagle Lodge to get
the car. Change at the condo and head to the Bass Store and to Vons for groceries for spaghetti dinner. Amazingly it was a
pretty good day. As we get ready for bed the wind is howling through the trees outside the condo. It is going to be a noisy
WEDNESDAY  Up at 7:00 am to check the weather. It looks promising. Rita, Mary Jo, Kip and I were the first group up Eagle
Express 15 when it opens at 8:30am. We make multiple runs on Bridges, on untracked powder. At 11:20am we head to
Canyon Lodge for lunch. The low altitude and warm weather, is quickly turning snow into rain. Three of us head to the condo
and Kip skis her way to Main Lodge and then takes the Red Line bus home. I have dinner at Campo, with a college friend I
used to ski with during college outings. Everyone else eats leftovers at the condo. A better ski day than was forecast.
Kip, Bernice, Mary Jo
at Eagle Lodge
parking area.
View of Chair 3 and
Cornice from Mc Coy
Upper Dry Creek in the
sun with wind blowing
snow down the
Bruce with Woolly at
Canyon Lodge.
Mary Jo, Rita and Bruce at lunch at Canyon Lodge.

And Kip just coming in from the storm.
THURSDAY  Today has the worst weather forecast of the week and it lives up to the prediction. It was warm all night and the
large icicles hanging from the eaves have been dropping off with a crash. It is raining when we get up for breakfast and the
high winds are blowing snow off the trees. The Mammoth website notes that all lifts are on weather holds based on
estimated wind gusts of 115mph. With a unanimous vote, we all decide to stay in the condo this morning. By 1:30pm
Mammoth has updated their report. No more weather holds, Mammoth is totally closed. We spend the day on our cell
phones, computers and reading. And we are watching a workman shovel snow off the roof of the opposite condo. Lot of
work and nothing to keep him from falling. The wind is still ho
wling through the trees. We have a great pasta and salad dinner
at 7:00pm and then watch some TV. Hope to ski tomorrow.
Bruce, college friend Marcia, her sister Nancy, friend
Selena, Nancy's daughter Grace (bartender at Nevado's),
and  her friend Alec (bartender at the Shelter Distilling).
Bruce, Grace and Aunt Marcia at Campo's for dinner.
Condos buried in snow.

Our home in Mammoth.

Guy shoveling snow off the
Mary Jo, Bruce, Kip, Rita and Bernice having a fabulous dinner.
FRIDAY  Up a little earlier because Mary Jo has to drive Kip to the bus stop at Vons for her 7:50 am trip to Lancaster, where
hubby Bob will pick her up. She was home by 2:44pm. We pack up the car and drive to Eagle Lodge and get an up-close parking
space. It is snowing hard as we board the opening chairs. Because they have to clean the ice off of each seat, the first ride up
takes 20 minutes. We ski the same runs as Wednesday, with new fresh powder on each run. It is very cold and we stop for
soup at Eagle Lodge at 11:00am. Back out to ski, the visibility has dropped from 400 feet when we started the day, to 150 feet
when we finished at 1:15pm. We change clothes and are on the road out of town by 2:00pm. Visibility is poor and with chains
we are only going 25mph. Lots of cars coming into Mammoth for the holiday weekend. It is expected to snow through Sunday
and be great on Monday. We take the chains off opposite the airport and have a pleasant drive after that. It is raining on and
off all the way home. We drop off Rita in Mojave at 6:15pm and are home by 7:48pm. A very nice trip. Two more trips this
season, hope they are as nice. Thanks to Mary Jo, who took over the Trip Leader role at the last minute. We are sad to hear
that Julie is retiring from skiing and this was her last trip. Her smile, gentle personality, and Korean Dumplings will be missed.
Bruce, Rita, Mary Jo and Bernice having soup to warm us
up at Eagle Lodge.
TEAM JULIE: Julie, Christel and Kijae, who left on Tuesday to miss the blizzards.
Nobody that we ski with!