Trip Number 4  2019 Season
January 25-27, 2019  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Rita
      Thursday Mary Jo, Bernice, Rita and Bruce drive up Thursday afternoon and stop at Schat’s Roadside Restaurant in
Bishop for dinner. Good Bar-B-Que ribs and fish and chips. Unload at condo, turn on the heat and head to Vons for the rest
of the groceries and more ice cream. Aili and new members Glenn and Rob have dinner in Mojave and get in after we are
all in bed.

      Friday- Up at 7:00 am, breakfast and at Eagle Lodge by 8:30. Aili takes the redline and Rob and Glenn sleep in after
arriving at midnight. We are on the first chair up on Cloud Nine Express and have five great runs before heading to Chair 5.
A couple of runs there and we head to the Cornice and Scotty’s, which were both a little icy. All seven of us meet up for
lunch at McCoy Station at 11:30 for lunch. We then all head to Chair 3. All but Bernice ride up Chair 23 for two runs off the
top before heading to the backside and Chair 14. Some nice runs, but when we go leave the area, Chair 13 breaks down
and we have to wait for 15 minutes to take Chair 14 out. Couple more runs on Chair 3 and we decide to head to the car.
Long line at Chair 10, and we are back at the car at 4:04pm. Bernice arrives early and moves the car closer to the lift. Back
at the condo Bernice and Rob head to the sauna. Trip Leader Rita starts cooking dinner, ham, potatoes, salad and ice
cream. All good.
Glenn, Mary Jo, Rita, Rob, Aili, Bruce and Bernice enjoying
lunch at McCoy Station.
Bruce, Mary Jo, Rita, Rob, Aili, and Glenn on the top of
Chair 23 on our way down to Chair 24.
Saturday- All but Rob and Glenn are up early and out the door to the mountain by 8:00. We find a parking space on the
street by the fire hydrant and head to Eagle Express. Aili takes the bus to Main Lodge and heads to the top on the gondola.
After two runs on 9 we head to the Cornice, and meet up with Aili, who has already skied 7 runs. Bernice and some friends
drove to June Mountain to avoid the weekend crowds at Mammoth. She has a great skiing, on a typical crowd free day.
Rob and Glenn arrive later and we all catch up at McCoy’s for lunch. The lifts and runs are all very busy, but we have a great
day and ski until 4:00pm. Bernice got the temperature of the sauna up to her liking (very hot) and she, Rita and the two guys
had a good sweat. Rita does a repeat of last night’s dinner but this time she remembers the brownies she made. Another
nice day.
These images outside of McCoy Station on Saturday after
lunch, give you a sense of how crowded it is on a nice
weekend day at Mammoth Mountain. With the ski racks
mostly full, everyone just leaves their skis and boards
laying on the snow. You can see the line at Chair 3 and all
the skiers on slope up to Chair 2. This is why we canceled
the last two weekend trips of the 2019 season and added
another mid week trip.    Can you spot Rita in one of these
       Sunday- Knowing we will be leaving early and we want to beat some of the crowd, we are all out of the condo by 8:20.
Four of us drive to Eagle Lodge and Aili’s Team takes the bus to Main Lodge. More of the same today, but somewhat
shorter lines. We all meet up at lunch and then head out for a few more runs. Aili’s Team takes the Redline Bus at 1:00pm
and they are leaving Schat’s in Bishop by 3:00pm. Mary Jo’s Team is at the car at 2:00 and is passing the Airport by 3:00pm.
Thanks very much to Rita for the terrific dinners and a being a great Trip Leader. In two week’s we will be back for our 2nd
midweek trip.
The moon just dropping behind the ridge at Cloud Nine
The view up the lift of Cloud Nine Express.
The view looking up High Five Express into Upper Dry Creek
on a lovely sunny day. Whose ski tips are those?
Welcome new members Glenn G. and Rob P.