Trip Number 3  2019 Season
January 13-18, 2019  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Kip
       Up by 7:00am, breakfast and five of us head to Eagle Lodge, while Julie and Kijae take the Shuttle Bus to Main Lodge. We
head to High Five Express and the five of us do several runs, including one to recover Bernice’s phone, which fell from the chair.
Mary Jo, Rita and I head to the gondola to ski Cornice Bowl, before the weather closes it for the day. It is snowing lightly on our
second run down to the lower gondola. We ski top to Main Lodge 6 times before lunch. It takes 25 minutes for a round trip.
There is a cloud hanging over the top of the mountain that is snowing and another one lower down that prevents us from seeing
McCoy Station, that is also snowing. It has been very cold, but no wind, and we are happy to head in for lunch at 11:30am, where
we meet with the rest of our group. Harry and Mike, former members, also show up and we have lunch together. Mike, the
Mammoth Mountain survey guy was back at work and came over to say hello. Everyone seems to be complaining about the
price increases at Mammoth, without corresponding improvements to the skiing.

      We are all back out in the cold by 12:30 and go our separate ways. We finish at Eagle Lodge at 3:50. Back at the condo we
put chains on Mary Jo’s car for the impending storm. We fix our own dinners in the condo and turn in early.
Bernice, Rita, Mary Jo and Bruce enjoy salmon and pizza for dinner on Sunday night at Giovanni's.
On Tuesday we are out a little late because we had to clean snow off the car. On Eagle Express chairlift at 8:40am and we ascend
into the fog. By the time we get to High Five Express the visibility is pretty good and we make several runs in the new snow.  We
then head to Facelift chairlift for more new snow. The sun is trying to burn through the clouds and the visibility is very good. As per
usual we head in to McCoy Station for lunch at 11:30am. Sadly there is no salad bar, so I have chili on a baked potato. Julie and
Kijae are elsewhere on the mountain with Harry and Mike. It has been snowing hard during lunch and continues until we quit for the
day at 3:50pm. The five of us head out for more new snow. Back at the condo at 4:10, all seven of us clean up and drive to
Mammoth Tavern for Happy Hour with Mike and Harry. Back to condo for some more snacks, Korean Pears and ice cream. Another
good day at Mammoth.
On Wednesday we are back at Eagle Lodge to start the day. Mary Jo rents some powder skis and I use my snow board. Really did
not need them, since the open runs were groomed and the powder was very heavy. We eat at McCoys, but they are barely open.
Only pizza and drinks. Nicholas another Black Diamond Award winner employee, is running the cafeteria all by himself. After lunch
we head down to to Chair 2, and it closes. So we head to Chair 16, and ski there until about 2:00pm. It is very windy and snowing.

The four of us head home after a quick bite to eat in the condo.
     Mary Jo and Bernice arrive at my home at 1:00pm and we head off to Mojave where we pick up Rita. Julie, Kip and Kijae are
already on their way to Mammoth for the five-day mid-week trip. Graham had to cancel, so we only have 7 Kronies on this trip.
The four of us have dinner at Giovanni’s at 6:30pm and then to the condo. We settle in and chat with our friends.
Award winning salad.
Bruce, Mary Jo, Rita and Bernice heading back to the condo.
On Thursday only the lowest chairs are open with wind gusts to 100 mph and lots of snow pounding the mountain. Kip, Julie and
Kijae stay at the condo.
Storm from the condo balcony, and Woolly and Kip riding the shuttle
Friday is a great powder day, and all of LA has driven up to ski it. But it takes a long time to check for avalanches, so only the
very crowded lower chairlifts are running. Julie, Kijae and Kip head for home after a few nice runs.