Trip Number 2  2019 Season
January 4-6, 2019  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Mary Jo
      Bruce and Mary Jo leave Pasadena at 1:25pm on Thursday. We go to Von's and then meet Rita and her son Mike, on
vacation from Perth, for a salmon dinner at Giovanni’s. Ali and Christel arrive a little later this night. And Claudia is driving up
on Friday afternoon.
      Four of us are at Eagle Lodge early Friday to get Mike a day pass. $179.00! Up $30 from last year and the only on
mountain improvement since last year, is a new Ski Patrol hut on the top of Chair 3. They also built a Zip Line from the top of
Chair One down to the Gondola Building. More money to be made next summer. They need more snow, but that will arrive
tomorrow. It is a lovely sunny day with temperatures in the high 30’s. We have lunch near Chair 14 at the Boundary Grill.
Grilled cheese sandwiches are their specialty. We meet up with Aili after lunch on Chair Three. We all ski until the end of the
day. Claudia is at the condo when we get back.
      Our Trip Leader Mary Jo did her usual wonderful job fixing a dinner of beef bourguignon, pearl onions and mushrooms and
a salad and homemade cookies with ice cream. Christel, who skied for 2 hours this morning, heads off to see the Mary
Poppins movie, while the rest of us are in bed by 9:00pm.
Bruce, Rita, Mary Jo and Mike on the top of Mammoth
Mountain on Friday. Only sunny day of the trip.
Rita, Woolly, Claudia and Bruce next to the McCoy Station
Mammoth on Saturday after lunch.
      Mary Jo hurt her arm yesterday and decided to stay at the condo and Christel did not want to ski in the snow storm. She did
however, make two trips by bus to her Main Lodge Locker to collect her ski gear for her ski trip to Steamboat. Five of us are at
Eagle Lodge by 8:10. We get Claudia a pass and then she rents skis. We ski Chair 5 and then meet up with Claudia at The Mill. It
started snowing at 9:15 and is so hard by 11:30 they close Chair 3 for a while. The top never opens.  At the base of Chair 3, we
say hello to Erin, who we met last season when she won the Black Diamond Award, for helping fallen skiers. We bump into her
again and ride up Chair 1 with her in the afternoon. We ski Chairs 3 and 1 and go into lunch at McCoy Station. The place is
packed but the five of us find seats. As expected, food prices are up 20%.  
      After lunch we all head out into the storm and ski mainly 1 & 3. Visibility is marginal but we ski to 3:30pm. Ali and Claudia
leave a little earlier. At the Eagle lodge parking lot, we put chains on Rita’s SUV and head to the condo. Claudia has decided to
drive home tonight, because she wore herself out skiing today and did not want to have deal with chains tomorrow. We install
chains on my car and Aili’s, to be ready for the snow dump.
      Another great dinner of leftovers. We chat about future travel plans. Christel and several other members will be heading to
Kenya in June. It is still snowing and may be most of tomorrow.
Saturday lunch at McCoy Station with Bruce, Rita, Mike,
Claudia and Aili.
Saturday night dinner with Aili, Rita, Bruce, Trip Leader Mary Jo, Mike
and Christel. Claudia was in Palmdale by then.
      Sunday morning it is sunny and lovely with all the new snow, about a foot on the top of my car. We dig ourselves out and five
of us head to Eagle Lodge in separate cars. Mary Jo rents a pair of powder skis and I use my snowboard today. It starts to snow as
we ride up Chair 15. We were supposed to all meet up at Chair 5, but it is closed, due to avalanche danger when Mary Jo and I get
there. Remember last year, it got buried. We head to 2 and then to Chair 3. We see Aili, who tells us Rita and Mike are at Chair 5,
but it is too late to go back there. We ski six runs down the face of 3 and then go into McCoy Station for lunch at 11:30.
      The others skip lunch and leave around 12:30 for the drive home. After lunch we do one more run on 3, but visibility is bad, and
so we head to 2. Chair One has been closed most of the day, because of high winds. Now the winds are about to close Chair 2, so
we head to 10. A miserable ride up, so we just ski down to Eagle Lodge. I have fun in the power through the trees and talk MJ into
one more ski run down Chair 15. She had fun on her wider powder skis. We take the chains off just at the 395 Highway on-ramp
and have an easy drive home. A very nice first trip of the season. Bruce
Sunday morning storm buried my
Everyone digging out on Sunday morning. Christel, Mary Jo, Rita and Mike.
Mary Jo, driving  the MINI up to
Mike, all smiles after dinner.
Mary Jo and Bruce bundled for
the cold.
Welcome new members, Jeanine, Doug, Glenn and Claudia.