Trip Number 6  2018 Season
February 23, 2018  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Rob
      As with the last trip, this one started out very cold. It snowed most of Thursday and was snowing when we arrived.
Chains were required and we had them on as we drove to Eagle Lodge Friday morning. This is going to be a busy
weekend, the lot was full and we had to park on the street. I decide the fresh snow, 12” -18” on the Cornice Bowl, is a
perfect day for my snowboard. We all have on extra layers of clothing to help keep us warm in the 10 degree
temperatures. One of us is wearing hand knit, orange, long underwear bottoms, toasty.  Rob, Aili, Mary Jo and Rita ski
together all day, while Bruce, who cannot keep up on the board, boards by himself.  I find a few great powder runs on
Chair 9 and off in the trees from Wall Street.  They lunch at McCoy’s, where it is so crowded they have to eat near the
Mammoth. I sit at the bar with a bowl of chili at Eagle Lodge.  We meet up for awhile after lunch and all ski until
about 3:30pm. Rob, our trip leader, goes out to buy Z pizza for our dinner, which we eat while watching the Olympics
on TV. Curling is a mystery to Rob, but the USA Men win Gold.
Rob, putting on his boots, Aili and Rita, ready to go,
and a friendly photo-bomber
. At the end of Minaret
Road at Eagle Lodge parking area. We put on chains as
the sign said.
The tree line east of Chair 9, was perfect for boarding.
Saturday is brutally cold and windy. We barely get a parking space in the lot at Eagle and we are 20 minutes early. Rob,
Rita and Mary Jo all bought new mitten gloves yesterday to ward off the cold. Today will be a real test. After all skiing
on Chair 5 we head to Chair 3 and decide to try the Cornice. We take the mid gondola to the top. Rita and Rob get 5
more runs off Chair 23 while Aili, Mary Jo and I ski to the bottom and take the gondola to the top. The line is already
out the door. We have fond memories of mid-week skiing when there was no wait. One more run on the Cornice is
enough. It is slippery and crowded. Some more cold runs and we all meet up to eat at McCoy’s. It is really crowded.
The family next to us was from Prague, so I show him some pictures of the city that are on my phone. Nice chat. Back
out into the ever more windy day, we try to find chairlift that does not have a long line. We take 6 to 10 to 9 and after
one more icy run, Rita, Mary Jo and I decide we have had enough of the cold and wind and head for the car. Rob and
Aili ski some more and then head back to McCoy Station for some warmth. They look out the window to see that all
of the lifts have stopped running due to high wind and lack of visibility. They ski to the Mill, but have to wait in a long
line at Chair 21, the only chair running. That gets them to Canyon Lodge, but Chair 8 is closed so they have to wait in
the long gondola line to the Village. And then wait for the Yellow bus to get them back to their car at Eagle. They get
back to the condo by 4:00pm. Meanwhile the three of us went grocery shopping for tonight’s pasta and sausage
dinner, thanks to Mary Jo and Rita. We watch more Olympics, as Sweden beats South Korea in Women’s Team Curling
for the Gold medal.
Two more photos of the runs on Chair 9. You can see a skier at
the very top of the mountain that hike the path on the back
side to reach this pot for some first tracks powder.
At Eagle Lodge at 8:20am waiting for the chairlift to open we feel warm and overdressed. On the chairlift, as the wind
starts to blow, we are glad for the new gloves and extra layers. It is windy most of the day, but nearly as bad as
yesterday. All five of us take the gondola to the Cornice Bowl, and then everyone but me spends the entire morning on
Chair 23 doing runs on Cornice and Scotty’s. Rita and Mary Jo join me at McCoy’s for lunch while Aili and Rob ski some
more and leave for home at noon. I go to ski Chair 3, and Mary and Rita are supposed to join me. But they never do
and go shopping at Main Lodge instead. I head to the car at 1:40 and they follow about 10 minutes later. A quick
change of clothes and we are on the road home. The mountain crowd really thins out on Sunday and the lift lines
disappear. Another good ski weekend. We will be back next Sunday for the last trip of the KSC season. Next year’s lift
tickets go on sale March 6th. We need to all decide which one to get.   Bruce
Bruce in the trees on Chair 9.

Not many pictures this trip, it was
way too cold to take to my
gloves off to take the picture.