Trip Number 4  2018 Season
February 2 - 4, 2018  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Kip
Mary Jo, Kip, Rita and Bruce drive up together and have dinner Thursday night at Giovanni’s, before heading to Von’s to buy food for the weekend and to Ski Renter to get Kip some demo skis and boots.  Rob, Aili and Bernice arrive around 9:30pm.

Everyone is on the mountain when the chairlifts open at 8:30am. It is going to be 50 degrees and sunny today. We have lunch together at McCoy Station. Big salads are the favorite. We ski all the same runs until about 3:00pm. Kip, our Trip Leader prepares a crock pot stew and salad for dinner. And once the pot was actually turned on and cooking, it was very good.  All of us except Rob go to bed early.
Mary Jo, Rob, Bernice, Rita and Kip toast the day, the dinner and good friends.
Saturday is Early Ups on the mountain, and as soon as we picked up our skis from the ski tuner we are in The Mill parking area. The line on Chair Two is long. It is going to be very crowded today. After several runs off the top we go in for the free breakfast at 9:15am. Very nice scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit and hot chocolate fills us up. Many more runs and then lunch at 1:00pm. The place is packed. Back out for more runs and every chairlift has a line and the slopes are crowded. This is because the runs by Canyon and Eagle Lodges are melting and not fun to ski, so everyone is over at McCoy. We ride up with a guy from San Francisco who drove to Mammoth due to the lack of snow in the Lake Tahoe area. The Mammoth snow cat crew does a good job at keeping the mountain skiable. About 3:00 pm we ski Mambo, because we are tired and it is not so crazy with people. We are done for the day and back to the condo for more stew by 3:30pm. Another great dinner and we pack to leave tomorrow.
Sisters, Rita and Mary Jo enjoying the free breakfast at McCoy Station.
The view from McCoy Station looking at the base of Face Lift and the top of Mammoth Mountain in the background.
Mary Jo, Rita, Bernice and Bruce outside of McCoy Station.
From mid Stump Alley looking down at Chair Lifts 2 and 10, and The Mill Cafe. Lots of skiers waiting in line.
Sunday is to be more of the same weather, and it is supposed to be this warm for the rest of the week. Which does not bode well for our upcoming mid-week ski trip. They already will be closing Chairs 9 and 15 on Monday. Nor does it bode well for watering our grass next summer. The time to start saving water is now!

We are all out of the condo by 8:15am and driving to the Chair 2 parking area. We ski mainly Chair 3 and 23. They have groomed all the main runs and it is not so crowded today. A quick lunch break at 11:15am and then back to the slopes. We try Chair 5 for one run, but rocks are showing, so back to 3. Team Rob leaves at 12:15pm and Team Mary Jo quits at 1:30pm. The drive home is easy, but a multi car accident on the 14 Freeway at Escondido slows us down a little. All and all, a nice weekend.  Bruce
Is this a phone or a beer dispensor?
A Mammoth Mountain Trail Map, in case you get lost on the way to Chair 2!
Saturday night dinner, even better than Friday.
Rita, Aili and Bruce are all smiles on the Stump Alley Express chairlift.
Stump Alley was more of a crowded freeway.
Sunset over Mojave on the way home.
Stump Alley and top of Chair 6, from Chair 2.