Trip Number 3  2018 Season
January 21, 2018  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader -
The first 5 day mid-week trip of the 2108 season was a great success.  Our Trip Leader, Bernice kept everything organized and plied us with healthy breakfasts. Our new member Claudia, a Pickleball friend of Bruce and former KSC President’s John & Linda, had not skied in 25 years

Everyone was at the condo by 6:45pm Sunday night. Julie, Christel, Bernice and Claudia came up first followed by Graham, and then Bruce and Rita. A little late so he could play golf Sunday morning. Graham a retired skier and former KSC Treasurer had not skied in 16 years and wanted to celebrate his 80th birthday on the slopes. We all had dinner in the condo that night.

Monday morning Bruce, Rita and Bernice are on the first lift up at Eagle Lodge. Weather is sunny any 40 degrees, perfect weather to begin our week. Claudia, Christel, Graham, and Julie take the Red Line Bus to Main Lodge and we meet up with them about 10:00. Members, Harry & Mike are up on their own and ski with Christel, Graham and Julie. The four of us have lunch at McCoy Station and take our picture with the new mammoth.  CJHM&B have dinner at Club 53. Graham decides to head home that afternoon.
Bernice, Rita & Claudia on Back of Three.
Bernice, Rita, Claudia and Bruce on top of Mammoth
Mountain. We then skied down the road to Chair 14.
Tuesday is about the same, but Claudia and Bernice come to Eagle with us. Rita and I find the best snow on Cornice Bowl. Tuesday is tacos at The Mill, but not until 2:30pm, so we have lunch outside on the deck and come back later for tacos. We finish the day around 3:30. Dinner is in the condo.
Claudia, Bruce and Bernice in front of the new Mammoth in McCoy Station. Full size but only the front portion. Note that Woolly Mammoths did not live in this area, only Columbian Mammoths.
Bernice, Claudia and Rita on the top of the mountain. Last year we walked straight out of the Gondola Station. No steps needed.
Wednesday is going to be very windy as it begins to blow in Thursday’s storm. Several lifts are not open due to high winds. Rita, Bernice and Bruce ski together all day and eat a McCoy’s. Chair 23 to the top is open and Rita and Bruce make several more runs. Tonight we all go to Happy Hour at Mammoth Tavern for dinner.
Bruce. Claudia, Christel. Harry, Mike, Julie, Rita and Bernice enjoying Happy Hour at mammoth tavern.
The snow arrives around 10:00pm and snows most of Thursday. They have about 8” of new powder, so I get out the snowboard. My chains rubber band breaks and Julie generously lends us her car so we can get to Eagle Lodge. We meet up with Bernice for lunch and then ski until about 3:00pm. It is still snowing and very windy and cold. Julie, Mike & Harry ski together and Christel gets in 10 runs on Chair 6. Tonight we are eating in the condo with a salad by Bernice and vegetable soup by Vince, Rita’s husband. Really good, he should come and cook for us.
Christel, Julie, Claudia, Bernice and Rita in the condo for dinner.
Friday, we are out of the condo early and getting in as many runs as possible before we have to drive home. Bruce and Rita ski out of Eagle Lodge and Julie, Christel, Bernice go to Main Lodge. Claudia stays in the condo and studies Italian for her upcoming trip. Everyone is back home by 8pm.
Nice trip.