Trip Number 2   2018 Season
January 4, 2018  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Rita
Kip and Bruce in Mary Jo’s car left Pasadena at 11:30am on Thursday for the Mammoth weekend trip #2. We decided to stop at Manzanar just north of alone Pine so Mary Jo could see the WWII Japanese Internment Camp. We spent about an hour walking through the recreated housing and kitchen buildings which were filled with information about life in the camp. We then drove around the property to get a sense of the scale of the place that housed 10,000 Japanese during the war. What a sad chapter in our history. Back on the road we arrive in Mammoth at the condo around 5:30, just as Rita and son Michael are back from the market with the groceries for the weekend.

We decide to go to Giovanni’s, but it is an hour wait. We think about how crowded the mountain will be if the city is already this busy. Two more restaurants are also packed so we end up at Wok n Roll for a Chinese dinner. Okay food, but not great. Back to the condo by 8:00, Mary Jo remembers that the breakfast blue box is still in her garage. Quick list of what we need and the two of us head to Vons. By the time we get back Rob, Aili and Bernice arrive. We filled up the trip at the last minute so we have 8 Kronie’s for the weekend.

Up at 7, out the door by 8 and in the Mill parking lot in time to get a close space. Stump Alley Express starts on time and off we go. Yesterday they had to evacuate a skier from this lift by having her drop into a catch net. She is okay, but a Lift Operator gets a broken arm during the catch. Why they did not back up the chair was unclear. Mammoth has not received any new snow since before our last trip. Only 3” in December compared to 75” last year. The man-made snow has good coverage but is very icy and easy to ski on. We get in 15 runs before lunch including two down Cornice Bowl.
Michael, Rita, Aili, Rob, Bernice, Mary Jo and Bruce on the top of Mammoth Mountain. Great weather on Friday.
Seven of us have lunch together at McCoy Station on Friday. Kip is off experimenting with new skis to make her go faster. After lunch we head up the gondola and ski down to Chair 14 on the backside of the mountain. Surprisingly okay snow considering how old it is. We get separated but meet up again on Face Lift Express around 2:30pm. The hard snow has taken its toll on our legs and we are off the slopes by 3:15.

Both heel plates on Kip’s ski boots are broken and replacements have not been available for five years. So now she needs boots and skis. Rita and her team are working on our pork loin, potatoes and broccoli dinner. Which is delicious and followed by a homemade apple pie and ice cream dessert. Thanks to our Trip Leader Rita with some help from Michael for a great dinner.
Bernice and Aili in gondola to top for photo op.
Mary Jo and Bruce and a new full size woolly mammoth in McCoy's.
It was raining after midnight into Saturday morning when we get up at 6:30. Mary Jo and I leave the condo at 7:30 because today is Early UPS skiing, and turn around before we reach The Mill because of bumper to bumper traffic on the road to the mountain. We make a U turn and park at Canyon Lodge. Walk to the lift as the rain turns to snow. Mammoth reported they got 3-5” of new snow and it is on the chairlift seat. We ski in the limited visibility to Chair 2 and then take the cold windy ride to the top. Visibility is limited, there are very few skiers on the mountain. They have gone into McCoy’s for the free breakfast. We decide to keep skiing and do only one run on the Face of 3, because it was so hard to see anything.

Around 9:45 we decide to go into McCoy’s to warm up, and manage to get the last of the free breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, fruit and hot chocolate taste great when you are cold and tired. Rita comes into join us while Mike continues to ski. The three of us ski together and see Aili in the line at Chair two. After a while we decide that chairs 1 & 2 are stopping too often in the high wind and so we ski the terrain park and ride Chair 6 until 12:30pm. We go in to Main Lodge to check out the powder skis and have some lunch. Cheapest ski and binding is $650, so we decide our existing equipment is just fine.
Yes it was good! Thanks Rita.

Aili, Mary Jo, kip. Rita, Rob, Bernice and Michael.
       After lunch we ski a few more runs and then Rita leaves to ski with Michael and we finish our day on Chair 16 around 3:00pm. Aili skis until about 2:30 and Rita and Michael make it to 3:15. They had such bad visibility that Rita does not see a boulder that is twice her size and skis her body straight into it. The scream was heard all across the mountain and those that saw the crash were amazed that she got up and just skied away. And now she will be making dinner again. Rob and Kip go bowling and Bernice works on her computer. A nice day for staying in.
       We are now all sitting around the condo waiting for dinner and describing today’s exploits. Dinner is again excellent and we have the conversation of good friends for years.
       Up earlier and it is sunny and lovely outside. We all clean up the condo and are in the Eagle Lodge area for the first chairlift up. They did not groom the slopes and so there is 4” of fresh snow that is quickly being cut up on all the runs. We head to High Five Express and make many runs on the fresh snow before skiing over to Face Lift Express. Some good runs on the face. We get a tip that West Bowl is nice so we try that. I am in heaven. The winds have come up and are blowing the powder into the ruts and grooming the runs. Up and down so many times that we head into lunch at 11:15. We are all there together and then back to the fun. Bernice, Aili, and Rob leave shortly after 1:00, followed by Rita and Michael.
       Kip heads of on her own and Mary Jo and I head to the top. Glad we did Cornice, but one run and we are tired. We tell Kip we will meet her at the car at 3:00, but on the way there I make a bad decision and we find ourselves on a closed run to Eagle that is quickly running out of ski able snow. We have to take off the skis and walk the last 200 yards. We get to the car about 15 minutes late, but Kip has moved it to the hill, so we quickly head off to change clothes and start our drive home. Stop in Bishop for bread and sandwiches from Schatz’s. Easy drive until the 5 Freeway where an accident slows down traffic. Home by 9:00pm  Great trip.
Aili, Kip, Mary Jo, Michael, Rita, Bernice and The Mammoth.
Mary Jo on the top of Mammoth Mountain.
The "Boulder" you should avoid.
Run to Eagle Lodge where we ran out of snow.