Trip Number 1   2018 Season
December 8, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Mary Jo
The first trip of our 2018 season came off without a hitch, thanks to the care planning of our trip leader, Mary Jo. Her sister Rita had to miss the trip at the last minute, so there were only five of us. Nice to have your own room. Kip, Mary Jo and I drove up early and had dinner Thursday night at the Mammoth Brewery. Then to the market for ice cream and cookies. Rob and Aili arrived around 9:30pm.

Everyone was up early and at Chair 2 by 8:20 and on a chair as soon as it opened. With the high speed chairs, we got in 19 runs before lunch at 11:30am at McCoy Station. Chairs 1, 2 ,3 ,4 ,5, 12 ,13, 14, 23 and the gondolas were running and had groomed snow with good coverage. With very few people on the mountain we got in enough runs to quit by 2:30pm.

On Friday night we ate in the condo and enjoyed Mary Jo's culinary talents. Salad, chicken, potatoes and broccoli. An
d of course the ice cream and cookies.

Saturday was more of the same, but Mary Jo took the day off to rest up from a cold. But she managed to get well enough to treat us to another dinner.

On Sunday w
e were all out of the condo and at the Chair Two parking lot by 8:15am. More of the same, no crowds or clouds. Rob and Aili left at 11:30 as we went in for lunch. The rest of us were on the road by 3:00pm. A very nice first trip.
Thank you Mary Jo.
Kip, Aili, Rob, Bruce and Mary Jo on the Top of Chairlift Three.
Aili and Rob on the Top. Last season we could not see the sign post.
Bruce tries to get out of a snow trap.
Aili was given the award for best 'make it yourself salad' at McCoy Station. Also her status on  the Membership List  was raised to Advanced Skier after passing all the rigorous tests.
Mary Jo, Rob and Aili all smiles after skiing down Cornice bowl.
Panorama of the Runs on Chair 14 and the Minarets in the Background.
Top of Chair 14 on the backside. Great weather.