Trip Number 8   2017 Season
March 17, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Mary Jo
Uneventful drive up on Thursday, and all 8 Kronies are in the condo by 10:00pm. John S. and new member Bob O. played golf in Lone Pine on the way up. Bruce, Rita & Trip Leader Mary Jo had dinner at Giovanni’s and then waited in the long lines at Von’s for dinner and breakfast supplies. Rob, Aili and Chris left after work and were the last to arrive.
Everyone was out early to Eagle Lift on Friday morning and we skied on somewhat icey snow. We all met for lunch at McCoy Station, except Mary Jo who was a little under the weather. We all skied past 3:00pm.  The weather was sunny and warm and with blue skies. All over the mountain people were wearing green in celebration of St Patrick’s Day, some in very outrageous outfits. In celebration Mary Jo made an excellent corned beef & cabbage and potatoes & carrots dinner along with a green salad with raspberries. Dessert was ice cream and Judy’s banana nut bread. Great day.
Chris, Rita, Rob, Mary Jo and Aili in line at Eagle Express.
Trip Chairman and chef, Mary Jo, hard at work preparing the feast for St. Patrick's Day dinner.                    John and Bob on the golf course.
Saturday weather was to be more of the same, but the clouds and wind kept the day cool, and there are many more skiers on the mountain. We all met at McCoy Station again for lunch. The best deal is the loaded baked potato, which is so large it needs to be split with a friend. The next storm is getting ready to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. Last night’s dinner was so good we are having it again tonight. Along with some Rueben sandwiches made by John. Dessert tonight was a surprise birthday cake for Rita. One year closer to a Senior Ski Pass.  Later in the evening, KSC member Laura and her husband Tom and son Conrad came to pay us a visit and have some cake.
Mary Jo, Rita, Rob and Aili on run down from 15 to
Canyon Lodge.
Conrad, mom Laura and Bruce on the top of 2.
Rita and her birthday cake.
Sunday is check out day so we are all up early to pack the cars. Chris decides to rest his knee and does not ski. John and Bob head for June Mountain, and the rest of us head for Eagle Lodge and then to High Five Express. Bruce and Aili chase Rob, Rita and Mary Jo up and down the mountain. After runs on Cornice and Facelift we meet for lunch at McCoy Station and then head out for more skiing. We are all on the road for the drive home by 2:00pm. End of a very great ski season.  Bruce.
As the trail sign says we will be "Back for More" on December 8, 2017. Sherwin Bowl in the background.
It is like herding cats getting these friends to ski by one at a time.
Aili and Bruce. Yes, cold enough for a mask.
Thank you to all the Kronies that supported the Club this year. And to Bernice, Kip, Gloria, Rob, Christel and Mary Jo for being our 2017 Season Trip Leaders. And especially to the KSC Board – Karen, Mary Jo, Fran and Christel. You are all very much appreciated.
See you in December for “Back for More”.
To those that make all the skiing and great meals possible. Thank you! Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!