Trip Number 7   2017 Season
March 5, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Gloria B.
The Sunday afternoon drive to Mammoth turned ugly as the blizzard and high winds almost closed 395 with very low visibility and snow covered road. Christel, Fran and Gloria (CFG) had their chains installed by a professional, while Bruce & Rita (BR )did it themselves with the help of the CHP.  We all made it safely to the condo.Monday was to be the best ski day of the week, but wind gusts up to 70mph closed most of the mountain and caused long lines at the few operating chairlifts.  Chair 25 finally opened, but the runs were like a sloping ice rink. So BR gave up at 3:00pm.  Meanwhile with nothing open at Main Lodge CFG decided to walk the city doing  errands and shopping.  They walked the 3 mile round trip from the condo to the Village. Fran made us all a nice dinner of macaroni and cheese.
Top of Lincoln Mountain, looking at Dave's Run.
Rita and Bruce at Chair 14.
Tuesday was much better with all of the mountain open, but the wind blew away all of the light powder snow from Sunday and left us with a somewhat frozen mountain.   Christel stayed at the condo but the rest of us skied all morning and then had lunch at McCoy Station. The afternoon cloud cover made all the light so flat and hard to see, so we all were off the mountain by 3pm.  Tonight B & R made a spaghetti dinner for the group.  If Gloria asks for just a little ice cream, she really doesn’t mean it.
Yes there is a lot of snow in Mammoth. North exterior of McCoy Station had three windows broken by the snow. Windows at the west dining area are almost covered. And the sliding glass door at the large twin room at the condo. My bed might have been buried if not for the plywood barrier.
Wednesday is the best ski day yet and everyone is skiing today. There is no wind and the trails from the planes overhead just stay there looking like a huge chessboard. All the runs are groomed corduroy and the skiing is easy. We all agree to meet at McCoy’s for lunch, but only B & R make it there. The others were having too much fun skiing at Eagle Lodge. We make several runs off the top, hardly any lines and so we get a lot of skiing. Tonight Rita is cooking a pork tenderloin with potatoes and carrots, which we all enjoy and it is followed by lots of ice cream.
Looking up Chair 14 from Outpost Cafe. Ice is sliding off the roof above.
View from top of Chair 13.
Thursday is just like Wednesday, but even warmer. Once the corduroy grooming wears off, the mountain is hard pack and scraped off snow, which softens up in the warm sun. BR had lunch at Main lodge and checked out our skiing form by looking at the action photos taken by the Mammoth photographer. We look great. After 3 hours of skiing CFG go to Delicious Kitchen (in the center with Shogun) for lunch and then walk back to the condo. Rita is again preparing a new version of her pork dinner. Even better than last night.
Little girls at play at Mammoth Mountain.
Big girls at play at Mammoth Mountain. Fran, Gloria and Christel.
Friday is checkout day so we load up the cars before heading up to the mountain. B & R put last night’s left over dinner in a plastic bag, shovel in some snow from the parking lot and hide the bag under the front of the car. Then we go skiing. The day was supposed to be warm like yesterday, so we dressed light. Big mistake. The sun was hidden by clouds all day and with a little wind we were a little chilly. Good to always carry your head gator. But, the cold air kept the snow perfect.  The mountain groomers did a great job. First run was all corduroy, top to bottom on the Face of Five. They even did the almost level (due to huge snow depth) Upper Dry Creek run. The scraped off corduroy turned into a light powder and was great skiing. Mid week is truly the best, with limited skiers, most of which looked to be using Senior Passes. We break for lunch at 11:30 and then finish the day with a photo with Woolly. Pull our dinner from under the car and were on the road by 2:15pm. CFG skied in the morning and left around 12:30.   Thanks to our Trip Leader, Gloria for a lovely trip.
Rita at Main Lodge chimney, Mc Coy Station patio and Woolly with Bruce and Rita at the Top of Five.

One trip to go in 2017.   Bruce