Trip Number 5   2017 Season
February 12, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Christel C.
Bernice, Bruce, Kip and Rita arrive in Mammoth around 4:00 pm on Sunday, followed shortly by Julie, Gloria, Fran and Trip Chairman Christel. We all snack for dinner in the condo. Everyone but Bruce (who has a cold) is on the mountain Monday morning. Bernice’s group starts at Eagle Lodge and skis toward Main Lodge. Christel’s group starts at Main Lodge and skis to Eagle Lodge. The weather is perfect and not too many skiers. Bruce joins in the fun at 11:00pm.  Kip takes a lesson and keeps skiing until closing. Everyone else is off the mountain earlier in the afternoon. Julie makes a delicious Korean Beef dinner which we all share, along with Harry and Mike who are staying at a hotel for the week. Thank you Julie!
Sometimes it takes two hands!
Tuesday is another gorgeous day with nary a cloud in the sky. Everyone has a good day of skiing. Dinner is snacking on leftovers in the condo.Wednesday seems to be a duplicate of Tuesday so we all dress for mild weather.  We ski to Canyon Lodge after going up Eagle Express chairlift. Chair 16 is on a wind weather hold, so I head to Chair 17 while the others try Chair 8.  After several very cold and windy runs on High Five Express I head toward Chair 2 and see Christel, Fran and Julie heading to Canyon Lodge and ski a run with them. Six of us have lunch at McCoy Station and then head back into the winds that are bringing tomorrow’s storm. Rita and I find the best blown- in powder snow on the face of 5 under the chairlift. We ride up with Corey, who I skied with two trips ago. Wear ourselves out and meet Bernice and Kip back at the car in Eagle Parking lot at 3:20pm. Five of our group eat dinner at Mammoth Tavern and 3 eat at the condo. Now we are discussing how bad the storm will be. What we need is a sign.
Okay, but not that kind of sign. Patrolman Hut on top of Face of Three.
If you thought the incoming storm was scary, look at the price of a single day ticket. Higher on holidays. It was $12 a day when I first skied at Mammoth in 1968.
The newest member of the Big Knitted Mammoth Hat Club, Rita.
It is snowing lightly and with lots of wind on Thursday morning. Bernice’s group heads to Eagle Lodge to determine just how bad the skiing will be. Christel’s group decides it will be bad and plans to leave for home, as does Harry and Mike. We get the second parking spot in the lot and walk to the lift. We are on the first chair up and then head to Chair 16 and 4. There is definitely a blizzard in progress. Strong cold winds and heavy snow. Visibility is borderline, but we do many runs on Roller Coaster in about 3” of new powder. Around 10:00am we check with the lift operator who tells us many other lifts are open. By the time we get to Chair 2 the winds have subsided and there is less snow falling. We all do three runs in the powder on Mambo and then head to Chair 3. Visibility just keeps getting better and I see a patch of blue sky and the sun behind the clouds. There are no lines and few skiers. We get several un-tracked powder runs on the Face of Three. The skiing is the best of the season. Rita and I see that Chair 5 is just about to open and so we traverse off the back of Chair 3 to the Face of 5, down the same run as yesterday, but this time we have first tracks! Three more runs there and we head for lunch at McCoy’s around 12:30. Kip and Bernice are already back on the slopes. After lunch we see the gondola to the top is turning and there is blue sky and sunshine
everywhere. We ski St Anton to the lower gondola and ride it to the summit. You now walk UP from the gondola building to the snow level at the top. One run down Cornice Bowl in the choppy powder was enough. We finish with a couple of runs on Face of 5 and then a powder run through the trees by Chair 9 to 25. We meet up at the car at 3:20pm and talk about how glad we were that we stayed to ski on perhaps the best day of the season!
Bruce and Rita on the Summit, about 8 feet higher than we have ever been.
It was so good, even the snow was skiing down Dave's Run!
Face of Five, with our first tracks.
Well this was a first. Maybe we should ski further apart?
During lunch, Mike the Mammoth Survey guy, confirmed that we needed to leave Mammoth tonight if we wanted to do it without chains and without Friday’s rain storm in Southern California. We pack up the car, eat dinner in the condo and are on the road at 5:30pm and home by 11:00. A great Mid-Week Trip. Thanks to Christel our Trip Leader.Note there are only two more trips and they both have spaces available. Where are the skiers?
St. Anton and the Minarets.
Rita on the Face of Five.
Kronies enjoying a delicious Korean Beef Dinner.
Temp Photo, awaiting another from Julie.