Trip Number 4   2017 Season
February 3, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Rob H-F.
Bernice, Kip and Bruce leave Pasadena at 8:00am in the hopes of getting a couple of runs in on Thursday afternoon. An uneventful drive, except for stopping in Big Pine for some photos of the Mammoth Knit Cap sign, we arrive at the condo at 1:45 pm. We quickly unload the car, get our ski gear on, and head for Eagle Lodge. The mountain is covered with a cloud and the low visibility keeps the top closed. We meet up with Mary Jo and ski around Canyon Lodge. I got 9 runs on the snowboard on Chairs 16 & 4, and then we all meet back at the car at 4:20pm.  A great way to start a long, 3.1 day weekend ski trip. We then head to Mammoth Tavern for the Happy Hour dinner. Meanwhile, Aili & Chris and Rob and new member Victor are on their way from LA. Weather predictions are calling for a 100% chance of snow, so we put the chains on Bernice’s car.
Kip, Mary Jo, Bruce and Bernice, members of the Mammoth Mountain Knit Hat Club having it to Bruce.
Looking out the window the next morning, the snow is really coming down with about 4” on the cars. Everyone is up early for breakfast so we can leave by 8:10 to get a good parking space at Eagle. Two cars go there and Chris and Aili take the bus to Main Lodge. We make a few runs on Chair 15 and then head to Canyon and Chair 16. It is snowing hard and the visibility is limited. I leave the ladies and head to Chair 2 and the other part of the mountain. Stump Alley Express is the highest lift that will be running today. It is very windy and snowing hard. I break for lunch at McCoy station and run into Rob, Victor and Aili. Chris has had enough and headed for the condo. The ladies had lunch at Canyon. After a few runs on Chair 2 after lunch, we four head for Canyon in hopes of better weather. It is a little better, but not enough for Rob and Victor who head in. Aili and I make a few more runs, but Chair 2 is now closed and so we head for the car at Eagle. As the five of us are driving to the condo, a little blue sky shines through the clouds as a good sign for tomorrow. As we did on a previous trip, the Club dinner will be on Friday Night. Our Trip Leader is getting ready in the Jacuzzi. Some members of the San Diego Action Ski Club are staying at the same condos and have filled the pool. Hi to Evelyn.

Now fully refreshed Rob, with helpers Kip and Mary Jo head off to the market and to Z Pizza to secure the ingredients of our dinner. After a small skirmish regarding the best cookies for dinner, they all returned and we had pizza, salad and ice cream and two kinds of cookies.  All good.
Bruce's ski and Bruce on Cloud Nine Express on Sunday.
Bruce and Mar Jo on Cloud Nine Express.
Saturday is early-ups so we are at Eagle Lodge and on the chair by 7:50am. We head to McCoy Station for the free breakfast.  I decide to keep skiing and find some icy powder on Chair 25 before it breaks down for 20 minutes. I change from board to skis and when I get back to the Eagle lift, the line is so long I take the bus to Main Lodge. Up Chair One and meet our group as I ski to Facelift. It is the best snow of the weekend. Wind-blown grooming and powdery snow. I ski Chair 3 until 1:30 and then go in to lunch with Aili, Chris and Bernice. After lunch we are all skiing Chair 3 until the end of the day. Only the Gondola is running to the top and Chairs 9, 25, 5, 14, 23, 22 are all closed on the busiest day of the year. There are long lines at every operating lift.
Rob buys more salad and lasagna for Saturday dinner and we all eat in. Thanks to Bernice for pulling it all together. And thanks to Rob for handling the Trip Chairman duties.
Eagle Express lift at 10:00am with line stretching up the hill.
Chair 25's line. Lift shut down and everyone went to Eagle.
Everyone is up early to pack the cars and get to the mountain. Rob and Victor drive to June Mountain in hopes of finding less crowded lift lines. Aili and Chris head to Main Lodge on the bus and Bernice, Mary Jo, Kip and I drive to Eagle Lodge and get last space in the parking lot. We start on Chair 9 which is now running for the first time in three days. With all lifts running and some skiers leaving to watch the Super Bowl, the lines are short. And the snow is great everywhere. The entire upper mountain is skiable and Mary Jo and I make several runs from Chair 23. The four of us meet for lunch and all have loaded potatoes with chili. We make one more run on the Cornice before it closes due to high winds and low clouds. The 10:00pm storm has arrived early. By 2:00pm it is a full blizzard and we head to the car for the drive home. Great Trip!      Bruce

PS. That storm drops 12” of new snow and it is supposed to snow the rest of the week and be sunny when the mid-week group arrives on the 12th. Mammoth is breaking all records for snow fall. We may be able to water grass this summer, except Kip who took it all out and planted bark.

Victor and I had a nice few hours of skiing at June.  The snow was perfectly groomed with some of the edges of the trails still unblemished even into the afternoon.  We skied the more difficult lift to the southwest of the mountain.  No lines.  We were able to get in a run every 10 minutes or so.  And, we left at 1:15 pm and were back at my office at 6:15 pm - likely a record run at 5 hrs and that from June not Mammoth.      Rob
Yes there were human bananas in Mill Cafe, plus 15 more outside.
Scotty's and Chair 23 were wide open on Sunday and great snow.
Neat and organized.
Keep the prayers and good thoughts going to Bear & Marty.