Trip Number 3   2017 Season
January 22, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Gloria
Bruce, Rita, Mike and Harry - looking toward Chair 14 and Outpost Lodge
Harry, Christel, Mike, Bruce, Julie, Fran and Gloria at Mammoth Tavern.
We are sitting on a sign that is 20' high.
The hut at Face Lift No 3 is almost buried.
Snow on the condo balcony and the view over the balcony to the snow piled in the parking lot.
Rita and Bernice are all smiles.
Bruce in new helmet and goggles, and yes it was very cold.
Lot's of snow on the Gondola Station roof.
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The first mid-week trip of the season started slow and then became great. Julie, Fran, Christel and Gloria left Pasadena at 8:30 am on Sunday for the 41 hour drive up to Mammoth. Yes, they did not arrive until Monday at 5:30pm. An avalanche at 9:00 am blocked Highway 395 at Crowley Lake. So they spent Sunday night in Lone Pine, along with Harry and Mike who were also driving up, but they are staying at the Shilo Lodge. Chains were required from Olancha north. Rita stayed in Mojave. On Monday they all drove up to Bishop, checked in with the CHP, who said they hoped to have the road open by 2:00pm. So they got in line and slowly followed the motorcade to Mammoth. But they got to ski on Tuesday, while Bernice and Bruce drove up all the way to the condo, without chains, in under 6 hours. Arriving about 3:30pm I drove to Eagle Lodge and got on Chair 25 just before the 4:00 closing for one long snowboard run. Christel prepared a lovely spaghetti and meatballs dinner and salad for everyone. Thank you very much, Christel.
Wednesday was the first of two perfect windless, cloudless and very cold sunny days. It was minus 4 degrees when we got up and barely made it to 25. But the snow was good, lines were short and we all had a good time. And an amazing amount of snow.
246” in January, beating out the old one month record of 209". Wednesday night most of us went to Happy Hour at Mammoth Tavern for dinner. Thursday was very similar and we all enjoyed the day. Four of us stayed in for left overs while the others went into the Village for dinner. That night we all watched a short movie, “If I could tell you”.  The directors and star are friends of Bruce. Friday we got out early to get a parking spot at Eagle Lodge as the weekend crowd was arriving early. The wind started to blow up the face of the Cornice. You could point your skis downhill and the wind would you hold back. So much fun Rita and I did it 6 times from Chair 23. Everyone was off the mountain by 1:00pm except Bernice and Bruce who left at 3:30 pm. The stream of car headlights coming at us stretched all the way home. Must have been a busy weekend. Thanks to Gloria for running a very enjoyable trip.    Bruce
Mt. Whitney from the Visitor Center in Lone Pine.