Trip Number 2   2017 Season
January 6, 2017  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Kip M.
Bernice, Rita, Aili, Kip, Mary Jo and Rob toast the storm and dinner.
Our fabulous dinner and left overs.

Snow on the tree branches behind
our condo.
Snow cones and Snowman built by the neighbors from the condo next door.
Local skier and someday famous Landscape Architect, Corey and Bruce
riding up High Five Express. If you call Mammoth it might be Corey who
answers the phone.
Snow plow cleaning up the parking lot at the condo. Much easier than using
a shovel.
Bruce and Woolley
buying goggles at
Main Lodge.
Run along Chair 16
back down to Canyon
Lodge on Saturday at
Michael and Bruce on clean up duty for Saturday dinner. Just one of the
many perks of being President of the Club.
Mary Jo in perfect form skiing down to Canyon Lodge.
The weather press was in full panic mode deeming this weekend the worst storm in
ten years and that heavy rains and flash floods would sweep us all into the Owens
River. Not quite that bad on the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, but
almost that bad on the Western side. Sequoia National Park lost the Tunnel Tree
you could drive through. All 8 of us were in Mammoth on Thursday night. Bruce,
Kip, Mary Jo and Bernice came up together and ate at Giovanni's. Rob and Aili
arrived a few hours later. Rita and son Michael had already been at Mammoth for
three days.

Friday morning we were all on the mountain early, standing in really long lift lines.
Ski Patrol needed most of the morning to blast for avalanches before the top could
open. Almost the entire length of the ridge of the mountain slid into the valley of St
Anton as the blasting continued. The snow came to rest in 3 foot square ice cubes
randomly stacked. Interesting to see but impossible to ski. Most of us skied chairs
# 1 and #2 until late in the morning. It was sunny all day with little wind, with a high
of 35 degrees. We all got together for lunch at McCoy Station and were joined by
KSC member, Susan C., who was up with the Balboa SC. We skied until closing
and then headed for the condo from Eagle Lodge parking lot. A first for the club,
we decided to have our group meal on Friday night in case the weather turned and
we had to leave early. Kip prepared a delicious dinner of roasted pork tenderloin
cooked with green apples and onions. Green beans, red potatoes, bread and salad
complimented the main course. Gelato and cookies for desert.

Saturday was the beginning of the storm. There was at least 7" of new snow at the
condo and several feet on the top of the mountain. Because of the ongoing snow
and clouds, the top was not open. Face Lift was open in the morning but closed
after lunch. Today was early-ups for pass holders so we started skiing at 7:45am
and had a free breakfast in McCoy Station at 9:00am. The new snow was cut up
and bumpy on all the runs, and with limited visibility, made for hard skiing. Mary Jo
and I had lunch at Canyon Lodge at 1:00 pm, but then took the Village Gondola
and Red Line Bus back to the condo. The others drifted in later in the afternoon.
With the snow still coming down, we all decided to stretch the left overs into
another meal in the condo.

Sunday morning it began raining with lighting, thunder. Strong winds blew the snow
out of the trees and began melting the snow on the ground. After breakfast we all
packed up and headed back to Pasadena at 10:00 am. The mountain did not open
for skiing on Sunday. We had a very nice time and California can certainly use the
water. All my rain barrels were overflowing. Thanks again to Kip for serving as
Trip Chairman.           Bruce
Pool party. Michael (Rita's son
from visiting from Perth, Australia),
Rob, Rita and Bernice. All in hot
Mount Whitney at sunset on the drive home.