Trip Number 7   2016 Season
March 11, 2016  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Rob
March 10, 2016   Before picking up Kip Thursday afternoon I stop at Sports Chalet to check the after season specials on a jacket to go with my $1000 pants. I find a great deal on a Marmot 3 in 1 jacket, so now I am not in a powder suit for the first time in 17 years. We leave LA at 1:45pm and have an uneventful (yea!) drive to Mammoth. We stop at Von’s for some dinner ingredients and have pasta and salad in the condo.  The next five Kronies arrive around 11 am and celebrate with a box of wine.

March 11, 2016   Everyone is up around 7:00 am and we all leave for the hill by 8:15. Kip and I drive to Eagle Lodge, Laura and Aili take the Red line bus to Main Lodge, and Rob, Rita and Mary Jo drive to the Mill Café parking lot. Snowflakes are already starting to fall. I start on the snow board and make only one trip on the icy runs before heading back to the car to change to skis. I head to ChaIr 3 and ski in the building blizzard until lunch at McCoy Station with all of the group. After lunch Rita, Mary Jo and Kip and I ski some runs together. The blizzard is at full steam with high winds, and billions of snowflakes. The visibility is limited and vertigo is an issue for everyone. Everyone takes the bus home and I start the trip to the car at Eagle. Chair 6 stops on high wind. Goldrush Chair is closed due to high winds so I take Chair 21 that breaks down for five minutes. Then I take Chair 4 to the comeback trail to top of 15 and then ski right to my car. 25 minutes later the chains are on and all the ice is scraped off of the windows and I drive off to the condo.
Chair 21 at the end of the day. Goldrush
was closed due to high winds.
Ski Locker at the Condo. We are very neat.
We all decide to eat in tonight, so Mary Jo and I head to Von’s to shop for dinner. Roasted chicken, asparagus, salad and bread. We were glad to not be out in the blizzard. Very nice evening and dinner. Bob N., the last member should arrive around 9:00pm.
March 12, 2016   Clear sunny skies are promised, but the day ends with a cold 40mph wind and a cloud that covers the entire mountain. Bob, Kip and I drive to Eagle and everyone else takes the bus to Main Lodge. I make a few runs on the snowboard, but the snow from yesterday is blown away, or wind packed and the rest is icy. The cannons were blasting avalanches most of the morning and the top did not open until11:30 am, which created very long lines at all the other chairlifts. I wait 15 minutes in the lift line at Chair 2 on the way up to McCoy Station for lunch with entire group. After lunch we all spread out to ski across the mountain as the wind increases and the clouds settles over the Cornice. Laura, Aili and Bruce focus on Chair 3, Rob, Rita and Mary Jo ditch Bob and Kip as they wait for them. After we wear out Laura, Aili and I get one run on Cornice from Chair 23 before they close the top due to lack of visibility. We ski until 4:00 and then Aili takes the bus and I ski back to Eagle where Bob and Kip are installing the ski rack on the roof of the MINI. No snow on the ground but we leave the chains on because snow is predicted for tomorrow. Back at the condo the 8 of us are joined by John S. for a pizza & salad catered dinner by our first time Trip Chairman, Rob.
Rita, Mary Jo, John & Kip are all smiles after a great day.
Bob, Rita, Mary Jo, Kip, Rob, John, Laura & Aili enjoying our pizza dinner,
March 13, 2016  All night long we were listening to the wind whistle through the trees like an out of control train. With a time change overnight, we are up even earlier for breakfast, check out and drive to Eagle parking area. The forecasted bad weather has sent many skiers home already and the lot is almost empty. Laura and Aili take the bus to Main Lodge. It is snowing heavily and blowing as we walk to the Chair 15. We are the second chair up and head off toward Canyon Lodge. Seeing that Chair 16 is not running we ski down to Schoolhouse lift and then to Chair 4. We spend the rest of the morning there and join up with Rob, Bob, Rita and Mary Jo. The wind on the chair is fierce and blowing snow makes it hard to see, but the snow on the ground feels great under the skis. Meanwhile Laura and Aili are braving the blizzard over at Main Lodge but leave after about an hour. Rob, Mary Jo and Rita decide to leave about 11:00 and the three remaining skiers find that Chair 2 is open so we head to Mill Cafeé for lunch. With no outside seating, the inside is packed, but we share a table with others. We then brave the anticipated winds and ride up Chair 2. No lift lines today. As we reach the top our goggles begin to fog and freeze over and we can hardly see anything. We decide to head back to the Canyon area via Chair 21. At Canyon we try to clean our goggles for one more try at seeing through the blizzard. We ride Chair 16 into an even stronger storm and decide it is time to get off the mountain. We take the Come Back Trail to Eagle Lodge, where the wind is a little calmer. It tricks us into one last ride on Chair 15, and then we ski to our cars. We leave Eagle at 2:00 pm. Not bad considering the weather and my new pants never got wet, even sitting on many wet chairlifts! We take off the chains since the snow is not sticking to the parking lot. Home at 8:15 pm. The Mid-week group should have a great week with all the new snow. The April 8th trip had to cancel with too few people.  
Bruce     P.S.  Still need to conserve water, there is not that much snow. Hope for more next season.
Clockwise- Canyon Lodge Chair 16, Chair 22, June Mountain, Highway 395 and the High Sierra.