Trip Number 6   2016 Season
February 21, 2016  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Mary Jo
Monday February 22nd – Mary Jo, Rita and I drive to Eagle Lodge, while Fran, Christel, Gloria, Julie, and Harry take the Red Line Bus to Main Lodge. They ski all the lower runs until about 1:30pm and have lunch at the condo, while we ski mainly the upper runs and eat at McCoy’s. The snow is corduroy in the morning and then becomes skied off hard pack. The sun is out with no clouds and a temperature around 50 degrees, with some gusty cold winds.  We get in the last two runs of the day on Chair 5 at 3:55pm.  Then ski to the car or past it for someone. Jacuzzi and showers, then Fran’s gang heads to Laka Nuki for Happy hour while we have dinner in the condo. Spaghetti does not need to be washed, just drain the water and add in the hot sauce to complete the cooking. Who knew?  After dinner we watch “Concussion”, about the brain injury caused by head trauma playing football. Which the NFL denied for years as their players continued to suffer.
Mike, Rita, Julie, Mary Jo, Christel, Gloria, Harry, Fran, Young (new friend) and Bruce on his knees, all gathered to begin the day at Main Lodge, Chair 6.
Tuesday February 23rd – We all go to the mountain the same way, but a little later. The weather is about the same with the sign at Main Lodge saying 51 degrees in the afternoon. Fran & company eat at Mc Coy’s while we try the Tri-Tip sandwiches at The Mill. Good but a little pricey. Today is the 5th in a row for Rita and I so we stop by 3:30pm. I soothe my tired legs in the Jacuzzi. For dinner we eat more tenderloin while the rest of the group heads off  to Mammoth Tavern Happy Hour. After dinner we watch “Jobs”, about the Apple Computer Company and its founder Steve Jobs. He was portrayed as very difficult person to keep happy or a jerk, as you prefer.
Fran, Christel & Julie exploring the Chair 13 area of Mammoth.
Wednesday February 24th – More of the same but with a little cloud cover. No snow in sight. Keep saving water. Christel and Gloria drive to June Mountain just to sightsee and visit the Double Eagle Resort and Spa. Skiing is about the same. Lunch is in the Main Lodge with our own home made sandwiches and then a little shopping. I talk to the Mammoth Ski Repair Shop Manager, who confirms that the edge of the ski should be sharpened to a 3 degree angle, for those that do it yourself. We make it to about 3:30pm again. Fran, Harry & Julie eat lunch at Berger’s Burgers. Dinner in for us was a terrific Pozole (a Mexican pork and corn hominy stew ) prepared by Trip Chairman Mary Jo, while Christel and the gang visit a friend that lives in Mammoth for dinner. No movie tonight. I just type this article.
Fran, Julie, Christel, Woolly and Gloria take the bus home after a great day of skiing.
Gloria, Christel, Fran, Mike and Harry (with the KSC blue pendant) at Chair 2.
Thursday February 25th – More of the same. Corduroy groomed slopes, 53 degrees at Main Lodge and spring skiing in the winter. Another 30 + run day. I go to dinner with friends who live in Crowley Lake at Rainbow Tarns, a bed and breakfast for fisherman who like comfort.

Friday February 26th – More of the same with hard snow turning to slush. Rita leaves with Harry and Mike at noon, Fran’s group leaves about the same time and Mary Jo and I leave the mountain about 2:45pm. Lots of skiers going the other way heading up to Mammoth. 8 days in a row on the hard snow was very tiring. Hopefully they will have fresh snow for the rest of our trips.
Rainbow Tarns bed & breakfast. It is up against the mountain just north of the Tom's Place exit west of highway 395.
Call Brock or Diane.
Chair 15 down to Eagle Lodge with Crowley Lake and the White Mountains in the background.

Mammoth got 54" the weekend of the 5th. Yea!  Bruce
Couch yoga?