Trip Number 5   2016 Season
February 19, 2016  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Rita
Friday February 19th  - All seven Kronies on this weekend trip had signed up to start this trip on Thursday night so we could have three ski days. And therefore have more time skiing than we spend driving to Mammoth and back. We are all out of the condo by 8:15 and on the way to the mountain. Chris and Aili take the Shuttle bus to Main Lodge, Rob, Laura & Kip head of by car to park at The Mill and Rita and Bruce drive to Eagle Lodge and park out on the street, because the lot is already full.

The snow storm that dumped 18” of new snow on Wednesday was followed by a wind storm on Thursday that closed Mammoth and flattened the new snow. On Friday we skied all over the mountain on packed powder on a windy but sunny day. Ski Week was on its last day and the mountain was very crowded with families whose kids had the week off from school. We all meet at McCoy’s for lunch, and I start my new high protein diet while skiing. Cheeseburger and Power Bars.  We ski to the end of the day and then head for the condo Jacuzzi.
If you are two young guys, and you get lucky and meet two cute young women at the bottom of Chair Two, and you all ride up together, and if you all are talking so much you forget to get off the chair and have to be evacuated; is that a good or bad thing for this short relationship?
Saturday February 20th – Aili and Chris, with lockers at Mammoth, head off on the Red Line Bus to Main Lodge, while the rest of us, concerned with long lift lines, head for June Mountain. Forty minute scenic drive and we are parked at the base of the mountain. A short walk to a two person chairlift, and then a 12 minute ride to the base lodge and we arrive where the skiing starts. You can ski down the road back to the parking area, but there is not enough snow for the face runs. I snow board with Rita in the morning. We meet up with Rob, Kip and Laura at lunch. Chicken sandwiches were the lunch of choice. I change to my skis in the afternoon and we ski the chutes and the trees. A good mountain for beginners but there is not enough steeper terrain for better skiers. We leave the mountain at 4pm and head for the condo.  Rita, our Trip Chairman, with help from Kip, starts to prepare tonight’s dinner of salad, roasted pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and asparagus. All are really good. After dinner we discuss options for how to manage the Club next year. How does anyone feel about Pay Pal and scanning and emailing signed waivers? Any ideas as to how to increase membership? We are having a hard time filling all the spaces on the trips.
Mammoth Mountain from Highway 395 on the way to June Mountain.
Mammoth Mountain from the top of June Mountain. When you look back from Mammoth you can spot their cell phone tower.
Kip, Rita, Aili, Laura, Rob, Chris and Bruce, all with post dinner smiles.
Kip, Rob, Laura and Rita at the June Mountain Lodge Cafe.
Kip decides to go 'off piste' and ski beyond the boundaries of June Mountain. She makes it about one foot past the rope when  gravity and centrifugal forces, plus bumpy snow overcome her. She had to self rescue because she was technically out of bounds.
Sunday February 21st -  Rita and I drive to Eagle Lodge and get one of the last parking spots in the lot. I discover that we can ski back to the car at the end of the day on the snow pile along the lot. We have lunch at McCoy’s with Aili and Chris. Aili joins us in a few runs on the Cornice before heading home at 2pm. The others leave at 1pm. Rita and I ski to the end of the day and then head for the condo for more Jacuzzi. The midweek crowd arrives and we all go to Happy Hour at Gomez’s Mexican restaurant.  After dinner we watch “Waiting for Superman”, about the crises in public education in America. We were all very lucky to have the benefit of the first snow at Mammoth since our last trip. See the next story for the continuation of the week.
Rita & Bruce on top of June Mountain.

Double chair ride back down to parking lot at bottom of mountain. Ski able if they have enough snow.    Bruce
Laura, Kip, Rob & Rita on the top of June Mountain.