Trip Number 4   2016 Season
January 29, 2016  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Mary Jo
   Rita, Mary Jo and I had just finished the mid-week trip on Friday. We rode up 127 chairlifts in 5 days of skiing. Now we start the weekend trip. We heard from Rob, Art and Luis that they cannot make the trip, probably because a blizzard is set to hit this weekend. John S. joins us, because he loves blizzards and may have to call in sick Monday from Powder Fever. Mary Jo, John and I had dinner at Giovani’s,and then back to the condo that is shaking in the high winds.
   Saturday morning at 2:40 am it is raining, but by 6:30 am there is very wet snow on the ground. John heads off to June Mountain in his car and Chris and Aili head for the Main Lodge on the shuttle. Mary Jo stays in to rest and Rita and Bruce wait to see what happens. What happened was a wet blizzard, with Goldrush as the highest operating lift. Chairifts 1, 2, 3, 5 all are closed. Looking at the Mammoth webcams, there are long lines on Chairs 8 & 16. We stayed in the condo for lunch and never make it to the slopes. John had a great day with no lift lines and plenty of powder in the trees at June Mountain. Aili and Chris waited in lines, but had a good day. Mary Jo with help from Rita prepare tonight’s dinner of salad, roasted chicken with Yukon Gold potatoes, arugala and garlic yogurt topping, followed by ice cream and a red velvet cake roll for dessert. We finished it all. Delicious! Stories of skiing and hiking trips past abound.
Mary Jo, Bruce & Rita on top of Mammoth Mountain last Tuesday.
Looking south toward Crowley Lake for the Top of Chair 5.
   Sunday morning, John headed to June Mountain, Aili and Chris drove to Main Lodge and Rita and I drove to Eagle Lodge. Chair 15 and 25 are both running and the lines and visibility are not too bad. We make seven runs in 12" of new powder snow and then leave the mountain at 11:15am for the drive home. It is snowing all the way to Lone Pine, but we were able to take off the chains about halfway down the road to Bishop. I had never seen snow on the valley floor this far south. Coming into Mojave the wind was so strong that some small trailers were blown onto their side. Thanks again to Mary Jo for doing such a great job as Trip Chairman and making such a wonderful dinner.  Bruce
Bishop Golf Club covered in snow.
Rita taking the shortcut to the Eagle Lodge parking lot.
The how well do you know Mammoth Mountain skiing quiz.

Submit your answers to Bruce.
1.        The Chairlifts at Mammoth are numbered 1 to 25. What is significant about the numbers?
2.        What are the numbers of chairlifts that no longer exist?
3.        Where were those lifts located?
4.        You can ski from the top of Chairlift One to the bottom of Two and from the top of Two to the bottom of Three, etc. Skiing between all the existing chairlifts in order from 1 to 25, how many sets of chairlifts and their numbers cannot you not ski between?
5.        Skiing between all the existing chairlifts in order from 25 to 1, how many sets of chairlifts and their numbers cannot you not ski between?
Rita and Bruce in his old red Killy Powder Suit, purchased in June, 1994 at a KSC meeting. Kept me warm, but is not water proof and my bottom got wet riding the lifts during Sunday's blizzard. So we stop at Value Sports in Bishop to check out the bargains. Pants from; at a list price of $1000. Check out the website for the pants and we'll see how well they work in the next blizzard. Stay tuned. Note that I met and talked with three other skiers in old red powder suits this week. One was a young woman who borrowed it from her mother.
Practice for the Rev Tour on the jumps at Mammoth. Note this file may not run on all computers.