Trip Number 3  2016 Season
January 24, 2016  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Bernice
     This past week was my first opportunity, since retirement in March, to see how the other half skis. The Kronenstadt mid-week skiers had a vacancy and I decided to combine the mid-week with the weekend trip. All eight skiers were on the road from Pasadena by 10:30 a.m. on Sunday and arrived at the Mammoth condo by 4:00. Then on to unloading mountains of food to sustain us for the week. Trip Chairman Bernice organized all our breakfast needs. Rita, Mary Jo and I drove off in search of dinner while Harry, Julie, Fran, Christel and Bernice ate in. We had the first of our happy hour dinners at Gomez’s - Caesar salad with steak.
    On Monday we are up early and off to Eagle Lodge to begin seven days of skiing. Rita, Bernice and I started the day with seven corduroy groomed runs at Chair 9. Everyone else started at Main Lodge after taking the shuttle. We skied all over the mountains under bright blue skies. After 26 runs we called it a day. Dinner was at Laka Nuki, the only original restaurant still in operation in the Village.
Bernice, Rita, Bruce, Chair 15
Rita & Bruce at Chair 14
    On Tuesday, more of the same, but the weather was warmer and we got the run count up to 30. We all dined together with more Happy Hour specials at the Mammoth Mountain Tavern and then went back to the condo to begin our movie watching with ‘The Martian’.
    On Wednesday The Weather Channel promised us warmer weather and sunny skies. So we dressed light. What we got was clouds and wind. The blue skies only came out for about an hour and then more clouds. The run count dropped to 25. We all went out for Happy Hour at Gomez’s and then a movie, ‘The Danish Girl’.
Bernice, Julie, Christel, Mike, Harry, Fran, Rita & Mary Jo at Gomez's.
Top of Mammoth & Minarets. Two Kronie's in the picture.
    On Thursday the weather report was correct with blue skies, light winds and 43 degrees. Once again the four of us were out early to Eagle and the groomed runs. Mary Jo, who was not feeling great, joined us for most of the day. Bernice stayed on the lower slopes while we tried Cornice and Scotty’s. Both were groomed, but that turned to slick hard pack after the morning runs. Rita and I quit around 3:30 p.m.with a new record of 31 chairs ridden this day. We headed back to the car at Eagle for the short trip back to the condo for Jacuzzi and dinner. Bernice graciously prepared a dinner for all of salad, and smoked tuna, caught & smoked by Mike B. After dinner we all watched ‘The Water Diviner’ movie.
Mike, Harry, Mary Jo, Bernice, Rita at the Top of Chair 1.
    It rained most of Thursday evening and was raining lightly Friday morning. Harry, Mike and Bernice headed for home at 7:30 a.m., Christel, Julie and Fran left about two hours later. Rita, Mary Jo and I waited for the rain and wind to stop and left for the mountain around 11:00 a.m. Mary Jo took the day off and headed off for shopping and checking out the real estate market. Rita and I started at Eagle, then went to Canyon Chair 16. We stopped at Chair 5 and talked to skiers who braved the lack of visibility. We decided to ski under the cloud and headed for Chair 2. We skied until about 12:30 pm and then met Mary Jo at a very crowded Mill Tavern. We all had the tri-tip sandwich and coleslaw for lunch- very good. The cloud hung over the mountain and the visibility was limited at the top of Chair 2. We couldn't believe that Chair 3 was open. The Rev Tour half pipe event was going on and we stopped to watch the action. We had a late start, so only 17 chairlift rides today. We skied until 3:30 pm and then called our chauffeur who picked us up at Eagle. Rita. Mary Jo and I switched over to the weekend trip. Thanks again to Bernice for running a great trip!
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Sherwin Bowl for the top of Chair 5.
Top of Chair 23, looking at Mammoth Main Lodge all the way to June Mountain.