Trip Number 2  2016 Season
January 8, 2016  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Kip
Once you are retired, you don’t have to get up at 3:00am on a Friday morning to ski Friday at Mammoth. You can take a leisurely drive with
Bernice and Kip and drive up Thursday afternoon. And then have dinner at Giovanni’s, and then get a good night’s sleep. Rita, Mary Jo & Rob show up at 11:00pm. Rob is still working. Friday morning we all drive off to Eagle Lodge to begin the weekend of skiing.
Thinking there may be good powder snow, I start the day on the snowboard, and find a little untracked snow in the trees on the face of Nine. Give up on the board and switch to skis. Meet up with the rest of the group at McCoy Station for lunch.  We all head off to explore and find our way over to Chair 14.  Along the way we misplace Bernice and Rob. The snow from Thursday’s storm is clinging to the rocks and trees below the chair as we ride to the top. The three runs from the top were not groomed, but they had good snow. Short break at Outpost 14 and then the long trek back to Main Lodge. Kip decides to take the shuttle home. Rob and Bernice bail out as well and head for Eagle.  Mary Jo, Rita and I ski several more runs and finish the day on Goldrush and the trail down to Eagle Lodge.
Bernice and Rita eat in while the rest of us have dinner at Mammoth Tavern.  And then to Von’s to help Kip shop for dinner. Von’s Mammoth is the busiest market in the chain. And it takes forever to NOT buy fish!  Talk of the day, and then off to bed. Sometime around 10:00 pm, Laura our newest member arrives.
Chair 14 and the trees and rocks are covered with snow from Thursday's storm.
Laura, our newest member brought her own rainbow.
It is Early Up day for pass holders and so we leave for The Mill parking lot at 7:30 am, sans Rita who is babying a sore toe. The line at Chair 2 is long and it is 8:30am before we make it up to McCoys. The line for food is out the door and it extends almost to Chair 3. I decide to ski, but the others wait for the free breakfast. Not worth the wait. By  the time I go in at 9:30 am the food is all gone but they give me a banana and orange juice. Back out into the cold and clouds that are making visibility a challenge.  The group is spread out over the mountain. And by noon Rob, Mary Jo and Bernice head back to the condo, and then go bowling. The high score is 102, by Bernice. There is a frozen fog that is hanging over the mountain and it glazes over your goggles and eliminates the ability to see anything. You have to stop in McCoy's before each run back down to Chair 2 to clean your goggles. Finally give up around 2:00pm. I pick up Laura and Kip who have been skiing at Canyon Lodge, at the Village Gondola and then to Von’s to buy fish, again.

Kip with a little help creates a great dinner of salmon, broccoli with cheese sauce, sweet potato wedges, bread and salad. Followed by brownies and ice cream. We take the official photo and settle in with stories of life. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny with no wind. Dream about that tonight.
Bernice, Bruce, Rita, Laura, Rob, Rita and Trip Chairman Kip, are all smiles after a great dinner.
Pecans, on whipped cream, on french
vanilla ice cream, on a brownie
We are all out of the condo by 8:15 am and find a parking spot on the road by the Eagle Lodge parking lot. Walk to the lift and head up the mountain. With some bad communication four of us go to Chair 22 and the other three head to Chair 14. We ski all over the mountain and meet for lunch at McCoy Station. The promised sunny day is hidden behind a layer of clouds. But no ice storm.I help find Bernice's dropped glove on Chair 1 and then we meet Kip at the top of Goldrush. Bernice and I take one more run on Chair 9, while Kip takes the chains off the car. We head home about 3:15. A very good three days of skiing.
Kip, Rita and Mary Jo on the run back down to Chair 14 on Friday
Rob playing with fire! Global warming be damned.
On a sad historic note, Kip finds a tear in the bottom of my 16 year old blue powder suit, which cannot be fixed and so an era of fashion ends. Fortunately I have one that is 5 years older that is still in good shape due to lack of use. So look for me in a rust red powder suit for the rest of the year. My 1997 orange Salomon boots should look great with the powder suit.
It is great that in 2016, I may be able to say 'yours in deep powder', and really mean it!   Bruce