Trip Number 4  2015 Season
January 30, 2015  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader -Mary Jo
Considering that on this weekend in February, Mammoth Mountain recorded the least amount of snow in 50 years, the skiing was okay. Man made snow on all the major runs allowed us to have three days of skiing. There were plenty of loose rocks scattered on the runs, but not too many ones that we attached to the earth below the thin snow.

On Friday a cloud hung over the mountain all day, so the top did not open and Chairs 3 & 5 had less than stellar visibility. The snow guns worked all night and the skiing was better on Saturday. But with 90 mph winds at the top, it did not open. Windy on 3 & 5, but not too bad. With top closed it was really crowded on the lower chair lifts.

They made less snow on Sunday night, so the skiing was not so great, but the top was open. I only made one run. Way too slippery. We left by 2:30am

Be sure and save water. The Sierra snow pack is at 88% below normal. It is going to be a dry summer.
Chris, Aili and Rita, helping chef Mary Jo fix a
delicious dinner. Salad was served first, and we
finished the entire bowl. Then a dinner of boneless chicken thighs simmered with preserved lemons and green olives. Couscous, and broccoli. Healthy and tasty.  Thanks very much Mary Jo!
Rita, Becky, Michael, Chris, Aili, Rob and Kip enjoying the feast.
First time I have seen Scotty's without any snow.
Kip and Bruce still all smiles.