Trip Number 7  2014 Season
March 9 - 14, 2014  
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip leader - Fran
On Monday, 6 Kronies started out to the mountain with cold weather, clouds and the hope of new snow.  By 11:30 there was sunshine, new snow and the start of a wonderful ski week.

Tuesday found us skiing from 9 till 3:30 and then off to a new restaurant, Mammoth Tavern, for Happy Hour.   Drinks and snacks were half price and very good. Julie tried to order this drink and that drink but they did not have it, so the bartender created a new martini for her.  We named it the Julie Special!  It was so good Fran ordered one so give it a try !

Harry joined Mike, Chris, Kijae, Maxine, Julie & Fran for skiing all day and gatherings some

Every night we saw a movie from a group of new releases.!
What a nice group of Kronies and a great week of skiing all together!!!
Next year come one, come all and join in the fun !

Fran, Julie, Kijae, Maxine, Michael and Chris all enjoying Happy Hour at the Mammoth Tavern.
Maxine, Julie and Fran on top the world.
Kijae, off to the races.