Trip Number 5  2014 Season
February 7 - 10, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader  -  Mary Jo
Aili, Anita, Kip, Chef and Condo Chairperson extrodinaire Mary Jo, Chris and Rita, all noticing that
even with the no KSC wine policy, there was plenty to drink. Mary Jo prepare a terrific meal of
braised beef boneless ribs, new potatoes, grilled broccoli and spinach and arugala salad. And for
desert a homemade blue berry cobbler and ice cream.
Mother Nature took pity on 7 Kronies for this second weekend trip, and blessed us with a little
snow, along with a healthy dose of wind.  Saturday’s snow was delicate enough to melt almost
instantly upon touching ski gear.  Getting sopping wet was never so much fun.  Both days
featured poor visibility from mid mountain, so the top of the mountain remained closed.  A
follow-the-leader tactic helped to stave off vertigo, but watch out for snow boarders
approaching from the rear!  Bruce and Kip skied on Friday, with Aili, Chris, Anita, Rita and
Mary Jo joining in on Saturday and Sunday.   Those of us parked at Eagle made a hasty
departure Sunday afternoon as rain began to fall on us.  

We learned the sad news that Whisky Creek, a Mammoth tradition, is has closed its doors.   
Rumor has it that Mammoth Brewing Company may jump into the void with a new restaurant.  
Maybe a new tradition?
 Mary Jo