Trip Number 4  2014 Season
February 2-7, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader  -  Christel
What a beautiful midweek trip to Mammoth, perfect snow, perfect weather, perfect company.  Yes, there is snow and more to come.

Whiskey Creek is closed,  Bank of America is closed, 100 ski instructors laid off, grooming on the mountain excellent !  Red Lantern closed until mid-Feb.

We all enjoyed a great dinner at Angels- can recommend that highly.
We also discovered Alabama Hills Café on Post St. in Lone Pine.  What a meal,
open 7a.m. –2 p.m.,  generous servings if your timing is right.
Harry survived his harem with a big smile and some very humorous dialogue.
Becky survived three days skiing very well and met up with friends Steve & Norma.
Fran survived being buried in a snow bank- rescued by Steve.
Kijae survived nasty dog barks and then chased a coyote down chair eight.
Julie survived the wind and cold and still managed to present the group with some terrific appetizers.
The group (minus Becky) of adventurers survived the  “Back to the Village” trail
experiencing a first- Christel was at the front of the line- leader!
Christel survived a broken shoulder whilst skiing the snowboard park.  Oh well, no more trips for the rest of this season.  
All laughed a lot, skied a lot  and watched  a Marathon Genghis Kahn documentary
session  as evening entertainment.  Anyone interested in Mongolia notify Fran or Christel.
If you haven’t already signed up for a few more trips, the snow is worth the drive up.

Fran, Harry, Julie, Christel and Kijae