Trip Number 8  2013 Season
March 22 to 24, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader  Kip
Before Cornice Run
After Cornice run
For Mary Jo, Kip and Bruce, three days of cloudless blue skies began Friday Morning at 10:00 am on Chair 59 of  Chairlift 7 near Canyon Lodge. After a pleasant early morning drive, breakfast at our favorite Alabama Hills Cafe' and some sleep in the car, we were ready for a fun weekend.  We were not disappointed. A brisk wind kept us and the snow from getting too warm. Few people and no lift lines. 12" of new snow would have been nice, but other than that it was a great weekend of skiing. Dinner was at 'Wok n Roll' on Old Mammoth Road. Very good again. Stan, Fran and Christel arrive and we discuss the next days events. I did not get the MVP Early Ups invite so we
Chair 7, at Canyon Lodge is the shortcut to Chair
4 if you parked a long way from the Lodge.
Bruce, Mary Jo, Fran, and Stan enjoy
the view from the summit.
Bruce, Kip, Woolly and Mary Jo showing off the KSC colors with our favorite mascot.
Free KSC pendant to the first Kronie to send me an email identifying this chairlift.
We start again at Chairlift 7, but on chair 60. Saturday was more of the same, with all 6 Kronies, even Christel, at McCoys for lunch. A small panic in the afternoon when Mary Jo realized she did not have her car keys.  Fortunately for Dave her husband who would have had to drive the spare set up to Mammoth, they were turned in to lost and found at Canyon Lodge.  Thank you helpful stranger.

Kip fixed another of her tasty fish dinners. Talapia with stuffed red peppers. Then some very insightful religious discussions. Pretty heavy stuff, but good conversation.
You can just make out the competitors in the Oakley King of the Hill snowboard competition along the ridge on the wall west of Outpost Terrace at Chair 14. Dang, I left my board at home.
Can you spot the single Kronie in this group photo at the top of Mammoth Mountain?

Fran, Kip & Mary Jo on the chairlift.
More of the same on Sunday, but even warmer with less wind. Really slushly on the way to the car at Eagle Lodge. More snow coming and one open space on the next and final trip. Hope you get next years pass before the 31st. See you ALL in June for the Summer party.