Trip Number 7  2013 Season
March 10 to 15, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader  Barbara
March mid-week

Seven Kronenstadt ladies enjoyed sunny skies, warm weather, minimal wind, and uncrowded slopes for five glorious days. Oh, the joys of skiing mid-week! The trip was christened by margaritas and dinner at >Roberto’s on Sunday night after the easy drive up. Barbara rolled out some new recipes, along with the old standards, that were enjoyed each evening.

On Thursday Mike, Phyllis, Harry, and Maxine joined the group for appetizers and conversation after spending a few days in Tahoe. The evenings included a variety of appetizers, a movie marathon, and a fire for ambiance rather than a need for warmth. The days included mostly good skiing until mid afternoon when the slush sent us home. Thursday was the only day of difficult ice until 11. Becky and Fran demo'd skis and found ones they loved. Karen took a “group” lesson with her as the only student. Fran,

Gloria, Barbara, and Julie all had humbling experiences with the numerous snow snakes that had awakened from winter sleep and were slithering around. Several of the ladies ended up with bruises and stiff joints from the falls, but there was enough ibuprofen to share to ease the pain. And the wine helped too. Barbara gave up her locker after more than 30 years in preparation for knee replacement in a few months that will keep her off the slopes at least for next season. It was a terrific week to add to all the other memories.