Trip Number 6  2013 Season
March 1 to 3, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader   Kip
Kip and I arrive at Eagle Lodge at 9:20am and off to Cloud Nine Express. The early morning ice has melted and the snow is pretty good considering it has not snowed for over a week. Clear blue skies and little wind and no crowds makes for a pleasant day. We bump into John S who is up with some friends. Lunch at McCoy. Typical Friday. Alfredo & Luis arrive a little later as does Aili and Chris. They head off to the early bird special at Whiskey Creek, while we try Wok n Roll for dinner. A little spicy but good and cheap. Sisters Rita and Mary Jo arrive around 10:30 pm.
Out early to get a good parking space at Eagle Lodge. Lot is almost full a 8:20 am but we get the first spot on the street. The Weather Channel told us to expect 5 -10 mph winds and 56 degrees. They were off by a magnitude of 6. The 35 mph winds with 65 mph gusts kept the morning temperature around 35 degrees. We spent the morning riding Chair 23, which was protected from the wind, and skiing the Cornice, which
had some nice wind blown powder.  Lunch at McCoy Station with 6 of the group..  Then back to the top for three more runs. Skied mainly on 3, 5 in the afternoon, riding up Chair 5 at 4:03 pm for the end of a great 6 1/2 hour ski day.  3 minute car ride back to the condo from Eagle Lodge.
Mary Jo, Rita, Woolly and Bruce on the top of Face Lift Express.
Kip make a great dinner starting with rice and veggies wrapped in grape leaves, humus and pita crackers. Then a hearty salad, with a little help from Aili, who tossed in a bunch of tasty veggies. Finally, wild bourbon salmon, asparagus and fingerling potatoes. And cookies and ice cream. All was excellent. I am told next trip will be talapia. And we have two spaces left. Don't miss out.
Can't believe the trip is almost over. Sunday breakfast includes cantaloupe. Way good. Out of Condo by 8:15 am and get a good parking spot.  Mainly because the Weather Channel told us to expect wet snow turning to rain. What we got was a full on blizzard.  Low visibility kept us at Chair 2 and below. Windy, but fun. Snow accumulation around 4" by the time we left at 12:30 pm. All around a good weekend. Still spaces available for our last 3 trips. Bruce
Not many pictures.  Anyone else take any?