Trip Number 5  2013 Season
February 8 to 10, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader   Karen
Uneventful early Friday morning drive until we had to stop for chains as we entered Mammoth. Snowing lightly with maybe 2" of new snow on the ground. On the Eagle Chairlift by 10:30 am and greeted by Woolly at the top. Cold day of skiing with light snow falling all day.  The fresh powder is quickly tracked up. Arrive at the Condo to be greeted by our Condo Chairman Karen and get settled in. All 12 of Kronies on the trip have arrived early, including Rita, Mary Jo and Joe who spent the week here with the mid-week trip group. We head off to dinner to various restaurants, and then early to bed.
Anita & Bruce greeted by Woolly at the top of Chair 15. His birthday is coming up on February 23rd, so wish him a Happy Birthday.
Road to Tamarack Lodge and the Mammoth Lakes cross country tracks, where Karen spent Saturday, honing her cross country skiing skills.
Fresh tracks on Dragon's Back Bowl Friday morning.
Bruce and three members of the KSC Women's Race team, Rita, Mary Jo and Anita enjoying the view from the summit.
By late evening the snow stopped and Saturday was a Blue Bird day with 3" of new snow.  Very light wind and a perfect day. We meet up with sisters Mary Jo and Rita in the only real lift line of the weekend at the Gondola in McCoy Station. Then it is all over the upper mountain. We ski to closing and then pack into the MINI at Eagle for the short ride to the condo. Karen has planned a great Mexican dinner from Roberto's. We are all very full. And she provides take it with you boxes for a late night snack.
The end of a perfect ski trip. Please do not play with my tail.
Rita, Art, Joe, Karen, Aili, Mary Jo, Anita, Luis, Arnie, Chris and Gloria.  All smiles after a filling dinner and 3 pies.
Yes you can get 4 skiers and all their equipment in a MINI Clubman.
Sunday is pack up and leave for many. But a few of us stay for the less crowded Sunday. Which started out, Blue Bird, but then the clouds and winds blew in. I did the straight into the 60 mph wind down Cornice run. Very cool in many ways. We ski a little with Stan and then take the 3:00 pm MINI express back to Pasadena.