Trip Number 4  2013 Season
February 3 to 8, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader  Fran P
The February Midweek Ski Trip

McCoy’s now serves PHO !  If you don’t know what that is---try it.
Fran didn’t have to ask,  “Who wants to go to the top?”  It was automatic,
Rita the speeder.
Valentines’ décor was dominant—we all had great big hearts and very full stomachs.  We had not only fabulous appetizers but an outstanding everything dinner which Judith and Judy (friends of Becky) labored over for hours and we devoured in minutes.  Thank you Judith, Judy and Fran.
Thank you Michael,  the official skiers chauffeur to the mountain.
MaryJo took a day off  because of a fall on the race course, but was back to full speed the next day.
THE TRAIL TO INFINITY !  Oh boy!  Oh boy!
Infinity it was not.  Christel led Julie, Fran, Rita, MaryJo, Dan & Stan starting off of Chair 4 unto Little Bird run and then we followed the green signs thru the trees all the way to the Village.  That was the good part.
Then you had to put skis on your back, climb down and up stairs as you walked through the Village, window shoping, to pick up the Gondola at the other end.  We returned to Canyon Lodge for Hot Chocolate, Stan’s treat!
Barbara arrived on the mountain late but just in time to indulge in Stan’s treat and then off again on the same trail so she could experience the trail to the Village.
It was the first trip this year Maxine was able to join.  The foursome of Harry, Mike, Kijae & Maxine increased to five,  with Joe.  One of the “stand out features” was four days of skiing the mountain, each day with a change of climate.
Monday was beautiful, sunshine and no wind.
Tuesday began with sunshine and low winds, which increased throughout the day.  Kept the snow conditions we love but had us shivering on the last chair lift of the day.
Wednesday was sunny with a slight breeze to keep the snow perfect.
Thursday was another fabulous day, but a bit windy.  They closed Chair 6, 1 and the Gondola for awhile.
All in all, four days, four different experiences—all with bluebird skies and the reasons we love Mammoth Mountain!