Trip Number 3  2013 Season
January 11 to 13, 2013   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader   Mary Jo
"It was the best of times, it was the coldest of times!" I have skiing for 46 years and these three days may be the coldest I have skied in. 6 degrees when we started in the morning, then it maybe got to 15 and then when the sun went down, it dropped to seriously cold. On Sunday the wind was blowing and the true meaning of wind chill factor hit us right in the face. Both snowboards and skis did not slide well on the cold snow, and slowed down more as the temperature dropped.

Kip and I missed breakfast at Alabama Hills Cafe in Lone Pine because we were 15 minutes early and they were still closed. Kip needs to drive slower. We were on the mountain by 10 Friday morning and the snow was great. Met up with Fran and her friend Wendy and did a couple of runs before they left for home after the KSC mid-week trip. Lunch at McCoys and boarded  to 3:30 pm.

Met up with John and the two of us had the early bird dinner (4 to 5:30 pm) at Whiskey Creek. Always good. The condo upper floor was really cold. The wall heaters could not warm the place up. Next time we are going to light a fire in the really good fire box which works great.
Mary Jo, Kip, Rita, Luis, John, Alfredo, and Art enjoying a great >meal and an okay football game.
Mary Jo's veal over rice was terrific.
Bruce, Kip and John bracing from the cold and wind on the top of High Five Express.
Mary Jo doing culinary battle par excelance.
Bruce, Kip, Rita and Mary Jo enjoying a warming lunch at
McCoy's Station.
Bruce test driving a MINI Countryman's navigation system with help from Harmony, the MINI
rep on site.
Saturday morning, Kip's phone showed minus 6. So most of us delayed leaving the condo until 8:30 am. With no wind, Saturday was about the same temperature wise. I used the skis because they were easier on the sticky snow. The Burton Snowboard people were demo'ing boards, while MINI and Paul Mitchell were showing of their wares. I won a prize by rolling a model of a women's head into shampoo bottle bowling pins.
Sunday was more of the same, but the wind started blowing and added that factor to lower the temperature even more. The cold weather got even colder as the sun went down. So by 2:30 pm it was time to start for home.