Trip Number 9,  2012 Season
April 13 to 15, 2012   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader Karen McI.
The final scheduled Mammoth ski trip of the season had some of the best snow of the year.  Friday and
Saturday were the last of 3 stormy days that brought 30" of new snow to beef up the melting base. Saturday
was the strangest weather with alternating light snow, fog, sunshine, heavy blizzard and wind. John and Julieta
skied at June Mountain on Friday to celebrate the closing weekend at that mountain.

On Saturday optimistic powder hounds waited at the McCoy Station gondola for 3 hours for the top to
open. It had not been open for three days due to the storms, and  was expected to be great. I came out of
lunch just as it opened at 12:30 pm and got to the top with no wait at all. It looked great riding up, but as
soon as I got my snowboard on the fog came in and visibility went to 5 feet. I was glad I knew which way to
go. The very heavy powder (?) was a little difficult to turn in, so I had an adventurous trip all the way down to
St. Anton.  All of the pictures were taken on Sunday in the bright bluebird sky sunny day.  The perfect day to
end the KSC ski season.
Aili, Julieta, Kip, Bruce, John, Joe, Maxine, and Harry after lunch
at McCoy Station.
Cornice Bowl, freshly groomed for a
mornings run. John's photo makes it
look steeper than it really is.

This is where we always stop at
10:00 am.  Chair 4 restrooms.
Aili, Joe, John, Woolly, Maxine, Harry, Julieta, Bruce and Kip get
a Mammoth hug at the top of Stump Alley Express.
Karen our Trip Chairman went the extra mile for the participants on this trip spending her Saturday morning
putting the final touches on a great dinner and healthy appetizers. Asparagus and snow peas, fresh-frozen baked
salmon with lemon and onions, orzo noodle pilaffe, mushroom caps and noodle salad, mixed green salad.

7 Kronies were at the Condo. John joined us just for dinner. New members Rita and Mary Jo had to cancel at
the last minute due to the weather and the flu. We missed you guys.  Maxine and Harry stayed two more days
and had really warm spring skiing.
Sous Chef, Maxine and Executive Chef Karen showing off the roasted salmon.
Maxine, Harry, Kip, Joe, Karen John & Julieta, are all smiles
at dinner.
Karen (our new Secretary &
Membership Chairman) and her
whipped cream, strawberries and angel
food cake desert.   Which everyone ate!
Julieta, Harry, Maxine, Kip and Joe
entering the Cloud Nine Express
ticket gates. These gates read your
passes and open the bars to let you
through. The operator can see your
name and picture on their screen.
Technology once again elimating jobs.
Joe, Harry, Julieta, Kip and Maxine
showing off the Kronie pendants. Once
they get shredded in the wind, a simple
edge trim makes them look new.