Trip Number 7,  2012 Season
March 11 to 16, 2012   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Christel C.
The last of three mid week trips to Mammoth was led by our Social VP Christel, so you know it was fun.
Sharing condo 43 were Harry, Cristel, Julie, Barbara M, Mary Jo, Rita, Jeanne E and Barbara B.  The
weather was warm and sunny on Monday, Tuesday brought cold winds which shut down most of the
mountain .  Hugging the feet of the mountain while skiing chair 11, we skied chair 11, then we skied chair 11
and we ....  You get the picture.  The winds continued but the air continued to be a bit too warm for good
snow.  We did have a great night out on Tuesday night while dining at Whiskey Creek.  But the wind was so
strong on Friday morning, we all fled the mountain.  Barbara B.
Here are two pictures from last weekend-- having lunch at the Mill.   Weather was nice on
Monday, very windy on Tuesday (only a few lifts open), low overcast on Wednesday (skied the
lower lifts), overcast on Thursday (skied the Cornice in the afternoon), and windy on Friday (left
early).  Looking forward to next weekend.                                                          Mary Jo Volk
John, who is always willing to leave work to be at Mammoth for a powder day sends this report and photos,
the Sunday after the week trip.

Went to MM this morning.   There were a few people as well as howling winds and minimal visability so after
about five runs I skated to June where there was blue bird skies and about three feet of freshies especially in
the trees.   Epic day !!!!  Even got stuck in a near vertical spot where it seemed that I was in snow up to my

MONDAY    Greetings from mammoth,   It was a crazy day trying to keep up with all the Mammoth powder
They are saying that we may have over 50 inches on new snow at the mid to top as a result of this storm.
I know I was up to shouler height and was getting deeper when I lost my skiis on climax today.
Started at chair 2 front, then first on chair 5, then was first when they opened bck of , got to gonda just when
they opened the top.  Then 14 and more 14.    Hemlocks.  Chair 12 ??!!??  What a day.  I need a new pair of
legs.  Hope you guys get up here soon.   I know a few will be up here this weekend.  Should be excellent
Enjoy, John S.
Never too early for a St. Patrick's Day themed dinner.
Whiskey Creek Happy Hour.   Harry, Barbara B,, Mary Jo, Rita,
Christel,     Jean, Rick, Julie & Bruce (friends from S.D.)
Ask Barbara the significance of the
Peeps.... What happens when Peeps are
roasted like marshmallows?