Trip Number 6,  2012 Season
March 2 to 4, 2012   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Julie K.
The Top of mammoth was loaded with skiers and sight see'rs. Can you spot the Kronies? Who are they?
Three days of blue bird skies, temperatures in the 50's and slush on the sun facing slopes. Is this spring skiing or the middle of Winter? 15 Kronies enjoyed the lovely weather, but wondered if Mammoth will every get the multiple day snow dump that is sorely needed. Coverage was pretty good, but there was the occasional bare spot and rocks.
Kip, Becky, Mary Jo, Fran and Rita at the bottom of Chair 4 on Sunday.  New members Mary Jo and Rita are the fastest female skiers in the Club. Now we can have a race team.
Bruce, Becky & Fran at the summit. If you look close you can see that Bruce is now sporting the KSC colors on his ski pole.
Our Trip Chairman Julie raised the bar again with the most elaborate dinner ever, with silver chafing dishes complete with flame heaters, two rice cookers, and palm frond appetizer platters. The Korean Beef dinner was excellent. Thanks Julie for running at terrific trip.
Sous Chef Fran, Executive Chef Julie, and helpers Rita and Juliet
Becky, Michael, Aili, John, Kip, Julie, Leo, Mary Jo, Fran, Rita, Art, Juliet, Luis and Alfredo. All smiles after a great dinner.
Fran, Rita, Mary Jo and Bruce ready to ski the top.
Becky, a two time loser to Kip at Twister (which is very hard to do in ski boots), did mange to win the Grand Prize of the day, a new Burton snowboard. The thumbs up guy signed her up for the raffle.  It should also be noted that John beat Juliet at Twister, but some say it was a draw, or perhaps cheating was involved.
Mount Whitney on Friday morning from outside the Alabama Hills Cafe in Lone Pine.
Our favorite breafast stop in Lone Pine, the Alabama Hills Cafe. Say hi to Pam  and Jessica when you stop in.
The Victoria's Secret tree is no longer visible from the new High Five Express, so here is a photo so you will know that the lingerie is still blowing in the wind and adorning the tree.

This weekend the USSA Grand Prix, ski and snowboard events took place at Mammoth. The events were shown on National TV KNBC on March 11th. Emilia Wint finished 3rd in the ski cross event. I met her on the chair lift. Very nice young woman who I hope to see on the podium of the 2014 Winter Olympics.