Trip Number 5,  2012 Season
February 10 to 12, 2012   
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Kip B.
Friday February 10, 9:20 am   Almost blown over by the strong winds at the Eagle Lodge parking lot, I realize I have left my Cloud 9 Express Mammoth hat at the Alabama Hills Café in Lone Pine. I call Pam, our waitress who says she will hold it for me.  Partly cloudy, and 100% windy. The coverage on the runs was good, but icy in spots. Skiers were still risking their ski bases by trying the runs that did not have a man-made base. Lots of rocks peaking up  above the moguls. I try only one run off the top. The ridge is a skating rink in a wind tunnel. Once was enough. Lunch at McCoy's is not busy at all. Chris and Aili also ski on Friday but we did not bump into them.
Parking on Minaret Road at Eagle Lodge.
Ridge at Chair 5, now "High Five Express", was a little icey, but good coverage.
Friday February 10th, 5:00 pm - Louis and Louisa get to Whiskey Creek early to save a table for 1/2 price Happy Hour. Kip, Chris, Aili & Bruce join them and have a great meal.  The first trip to Mammoth with KSC for Louisa, who keeps her husband company when Art has to cancel.  How was Cirque de Solie?  A quick stop at the Outlet Stores and several bargains at the Polo store.  Back to the condo for an early bedtime for those that started the day at 3:00 am to drive up to Mammoth on Friday.  Bob N & Kijae R. show up after dinner. Everyone is here.
Apparently black MINI Clubman's are these skiers farvorite car.
Top of Face Lift Express on a clear sky Sunday.
February 11, 8:15 am - The MINI's arrive for the promised snow storm. It arrives 1 1/2 hours late at 1:30 pm.  It drops a few thousand snow pebbles and stops in 30 minutes. Less wind and more clouds, but about the same quality of skiing as Friday. We have lunch with Chris and Aili and then spend the afternoon skiing together.

February 11, 5:00 pm  Time to head for the hot tub. It is not so hot, or bubbly, but has lots of fun people. Kip begins work on the great dinner. Spinach salad, talapia fish, asparagus and sweet potatoes. Ice cream and Judy's brownies for desert.  Note to everyone who cooks. They are the best dinners. Thank you. Also remember to start cooking early, the stove and altitude make cooking very slow.

February 12, 7:00 am  - Parts of the road and parking areas and cars have some snow on them. Why is the snow not everywhere?  Mammoth gets a 1" dump. No one is staying over on this trip so we get packed to leave in the afternoon.

February 12, 11:30 am  - Into McCoys for lunch. The other folks are still on the slopes or getting ready to early.  We have had sunny skies and less wind and a topping of white frosting just to hide the ice. We >ski until 2:30 pm. and leave Mammoth by 3:30 pm after returning the keys.  Make sure you get the code for the key lock box before you head to Mammoth.  On the way through Lone Pine we call Pam who has left my hat in the baby stroller on her front porch. Thanks so much!  Be sure to stop at the Alabama Hills Cafe on your way up to Mammoth for breakfast or lunch. Great people and food.
Chris, Aili, Woolly, Kip and Bruce enjoy a mammoth hug on the top of 3.
PS:   We need a volunteer to be Trip Chairman for the April 13th trip.
Kijae, Bob, Aili & Chris
Louis, Louisa, Bruce, Bob, Kip, Chris, Aili and Kijae behind the camera.