Trip Number 4,  2012 Season
February 5 to 10, 2012
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Karen McI.
The 2nd mid week trip of the season, started off on Super Bowl Sunday.  Our arrival was greeted with a cheery bouquet of daffodils left by Lynda and Dick (Thank you!) for us to enjoy.  Hmmm, did they know we were going to have a condo full of ladies…  Everyone arrived in time to watch the game, and quickly formed into three camps – Barbara and Gloria rooting for the Giants, Rebecca the Patriots, and everyone else choosing to go get a bite to eat.  The final score Giants 21 – Patriots 17.

This was the start of a great week filled with sunshine, some fresh snow, and a taste of wind on the last day.  The snow conditions were definitely helped with the last storm, most of the mountain was open, and so of course the group went and checked things out.  The two top fav’s were Chair 8 and 12.

For those who read the story of the last mid-week trip, the saga continues….Yes, the man in the red jacket was back once again – but this time he was wearing yellow.  He was spotted on the shuttle, the mountain, at lunch…..might seem a little unusual, but the combination of a mid-week trip and snow conditions, meant you ran into lots of the same people over and over.  The story behind the red (and now yellow) jacket was found to be the simplest “I wanted to stand out, so I was easy to spot on the slope”, well Dan (yup, that’s his mane), it worked.

In the meantime, back in the condo – there was much munching, gabbing and movie watching all while basking in the warmth from Barbara’s fabulous fires.  The only sad point was that Fran had to head home early.
Becky & Julie at Top of 8.
Barbara, Julie, Christel, Jean & Gloria at Whiskey Creek.
Jean, Gloria, Woolly, Barbara, Christel & Karen at the top of Broadway Express.
I am very glad to see so many blue KSC pendants.  I will have one myself next trip.  Let me know if anyone else needs one.  Bruce.