Trip Number 3,  2012 Season
January 20 to 22, 2012
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Maxine M.
Who would have thought after last years record snow fall that we would have to wait until the end of January to get the first real snow dump of the season at Mammoth Mountain.  Fortunately 14 Kronies with non - refundable trip fees were forced to be at Mammoth this weekend, and were they lucky.  After two club ski trips on very thin man made snow in the form of white ribbons winding down the brown mountainside, the blizzard arrived just in time.
It was snowing lightly with a strong wind when Kip and I arrived at Chair Two on Friday morning at 9:00 am.  Dressing in the car and heading right up the hill, the glazed over brownish ice was getting a coating of white frosting. That being great news. The not so great was that it was so warm it melted on everything. The chairs seats were puddles and water was dripping from the chairs. I had brought a rain coat which I promptly went back to get, along with a trash bag to protect my pants. Looking Presidential was not as important as being dry. Kip was not so fortunate and got soaked. She spent a good part of the day drying off in front of The Mill's warm fireplace, complete with clothes pins to hang your gloves from.
By 3:00 pm it was time to quit and head back to the condo for a warm shower. The other Kronies were arriving and making dinner plans. Several when to Whiskey Creek, while Julie, Fran, Kip and I tried out "Thai Up", a nice Thai food place at the corner of Chateau and Old Mammoth Road. Although it was close by we drove rather than walk in the pouring rain. Then to Rite Aide for rain ponchos, just in case tomorrow was as wet as today.
This is from 2010, just in case you forgot what the Minarets and Dragon's Back are supposed to look like, with SNOW!
The next day was full on cold, wind in your face, blizzard, with only Chairs 8 & 7 open until 11:30 am. Then Chair 4 opened, then 17, then 10, then 16 then 15. Nothing was open at the Main Lodge all day long. Too much wind for the higher chairlifts.  Mammoth got 17" of new heavy snow overnight and got another 17" during the day on Saturday.  At the end of the the day it was 15 degrees.  For the few of us that went out, John, Julieta, Kip, Art, Luis, Afredo and I, it was a great day.
Fashion plate!
Cheese plate!
Maxine and Harry treated the group to an Italian Themed Evening, complete with menu and cheese name tags and mood music. Plenty of pre - dinner treats, salad and the long anticipated homemade lasagna, in both meat and vegetarian modes. The meal was topped off with Italian lemon liquors and spumoni ice and biscote.
Maxine, JudyP., Alfredo & Becky  -  
Harry, Fran, Art, Julieta
Bruce, Julieta, Kip & Kijae
On Sunday there was no new snow nor was it snowing, so everyone headed to the mountain. The wet power had solidified in to a solid base for future snow, which would arrive around 3:00 pm. Plenty of wind so Chairs 5 and 3 were as high up as you could go. The new Chair 5 is located better at the bottom, faster to the top, easier to get off of, but it is still windy and icy at the top. Lot's of crazy skiers were risking their p-tex ski bottoms to get first tracks on the not so deep snow on the Face of 5.  Lunch at McCoy's and a few more hours on the slopes and those not staying over headed home. Harry, John S., Julieta M., Maxine and Kijae all stayed for the next powder day which was to follow.   Bruce
I know you guys, and gals, want to know how deep the POW is here at Mammoth
Well, on my last run today (Monday), on the Avies, (a run dedicated for my good buddie), I stuck my poles in the snow all the way down (52 inches)(see attached pic)
I could have probably stuck it further, but I didn't want to dig it out.     Amazing !!!!
Hard to belive this was probably dirt and rock on Friday.   Just what the doctor ordered !!!!    John S.
John S.'s ski poles deep into the new snow.
Great day at mammoth !!!     (Tuesday)

After four days of snow storms, we finally woke up to a blue bird morning

There was very little wind with the birds chirping in the trees while we skied on velvet smooth groomers

The top finally opened up at about noon so it was nice to ski deep snow on the chutes and cornice again

Hopefully this will get mammoth going for the season.    John S.