Trip Number 2,  2012 Season
January 8 to 13, 2012
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Jean E.

   On the first mid-week trip of 2012 six club members  (Christel, Harry, Jean, Joe, Karen, and Kijae) experienced many firsts…..six days of glorious sunshine, average daytime temps in the 40’s, no wind, limited ski options, and no crowds.
  Another 1st we experienced was riding the new high-speed quad Chair 5.  Great fun!  Where’s the Man in the Red Jacket?
  Another 1st was snow machines active nightly preserving the limited runs.
  Another 1st was Karen becoming the DVD savior, the computer guru, and the proud owner of a new high tech
helmet, which even matches her hair color.  
  Another 1st was four out of six club members all on their lap-tops at the same time.  Harry and Christel were amazed!
  Another 1st was Joe on a trip without Debbie (on a business trip).  Joe promptly sliced his finger.  What to do?  He needed bandaging so someone had the solution.  An hour later when Joe received his bandage everyone forgot why he needed it or what finger he needed to put it on because it took so long to find it…so much for senior moments!

  Another 1st was Kijae declaring herself the official club photographer ever ready to memorialize the unusual vistas…never before seen lakes, rocks, dirt, and small trees during winter trips…all the while searching for the Man in the Red Jacket.
  Another 1st was Christel arriving with a broken toe, forcing her foot into her ski boot, downing some Aleve, and chasing after the Man in the Red Jacket.
  Another 1st was Harry becoming our resident comedian from AM exercises to PM stretches and providing plenty of advice on vitamins, health care, nail products, wine, and how to approach the Man in the Red Jacket.
  Another 1st was Jean driving her new Honda CRV up to Mammoth in perfect traveling conditions: no wind, no rain, no bugs, no snow.  Did we pass the Man in the Red Jacket?
  Our only night out on the town was enjoyed by all as we indulged in gourmet dinners and numerous libations at Whiskey Creek. Harry finally flagged down the Man in the Red Jacket.  Sadly, he was not the knight in shining armor we had hoped for and worst of all he did not ski like Arnie. Totally exhausted we retreated to the solitude of Condo 1 for an evening of more entertainment, but not before changing into the comfort our pj’s.  Hurry, the movie is starting and it’s only 6:30!
  All in all, it was a really great week!  

  New news:  Thanks to Maxine’s idea and Debbie and Joe’s donation, Kronenstadt now has a lockbox for the door at Condo 1.    Jean & Kijae
Kijae, Jean, Harry, Joe, and Christel,  near McCoy Station
Christel, Kijae, Karen, Joe, Harry, and Jean at Whiskey Creek
Not only does Mammoth need more snow, they need more water in their lake near McCoy Station to make it with.
Top of Chair 8     Harry, Joe, Jean  Loving the man made snow. Don't leave the trail!