Trip Number 1,  2012 Season
December 9 to 11, 2011
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
Trip Leader - Barbara Mc
From a few years ago.
The first trip of the season did not have as much snow as closing day in July. Most of it was shot from guns and the coverage was pretty good, although a little icy. Only Chairs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, 11 and the gondolas were working, but still much more terrain than Big Bear. The brand new High Five Express was just sitting there waiting for the snow blowers to finish covering the ridge with snow so they could have the grand opening on the 16th of December. Becky and I arrived at Chair 2, Stump Alley Express at 9:15 am on Friday and skied every run on the mountain before lunch. The new RFID pass control gates worked most of the time, but be sure and wait for the arms to open.
The new High Five Express waiting for snow and the grand opening party. Snow being made on the Ridge of 5.
Always sit on the left side of the chairlift so the grease from the bearing overhead does not drip on your brand new white jacket. If you make that mistake go visit Leslie, the Mammoth Mountain seamstress for the last 35 years. She will clean it, loan you a jacket and have yours back looking brand new the next morning. Her work shop is behind the windows near Chair 6. Great lady. Thanks!
Wooley and Becky without her white jacket.
Wooley and Bruce. Seems like the friendly mammoth was overdressed but looking sharp.
Great dinner on Friday night at Whiskey Creek during Happy Hour before 6:00 pm. Everyone at the condo by the time we return. Barbara with lots of food for Saturday's dinner and all the goodies for breakfast. Going to eat well this weekend.

Saturday morning we pick up Becky's coat and start skiing at 7:30 am for the first MVP Early Ups of the season. At 9:30 am we stop for the free breakfast a McCoy Station. This was the best MVP breakfast ever for this event.All you could eat and we didn't need lunch. I skied with Carol, a new ski instructor to Mammoth on her day off. Like having a private lesson.  That afternoon I skied with my nephew and his friends. They are really fast on those snowboards. And then I bumped into Isabella and Sean (see Trip #2 from the 2011 season) who were skiing with their family. Welcome to the USA, Isabella.
The Minarets were looking lovely, even without their typical mantle of white snow.
Mountaintop memorial to the three Ski Patrolmen that lost their lives in the sulfur vent trying to keep us all safe. Say thank you to a patrolmen next time you see one.
Barbara really set the great dinner bar high for the Trip Chairmen that follow this year. Pre dinner munchies. Chicken in a wine sauce with mushrooms, aspargus & cashews, and wild rice. Along with a great salad and a key lime pie made from limes from her own tree. Dinner was followed by games, which for this trip was Scrabble.
Harry, Maxine, Christel, Barbara, Bruce, Rebecca & Fran, ready to enjoy a great dinner. Thanks to Kijae behind the lens.
Sunday skiing was more of the same with Fran and I spending the entire day trying every run, all more than once. Lunch came from the Yellow Burrito snow cat with your host and driver Sara. Stop and wave and listen to the great music. By 2: 00 pm we had had enough. Harry & company had already left, and Rebecca and I were on the road by 3:00 pm. One stop a Schat's for bread and a turkey sandwich and home by 8:15 pm. Christel, Fran and Barbara skied the next two days and got a dusting of new snow.  Thanks again to Barbara for putting on a great trip.
Daniel &
Uncle Bruce