Trip Number 7,  2011 Season
April 8 to 10, 2011
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
The trip
photographer, Kijae.
Express by 10:00 am on Friday, and it is untracked powder in the trees. A great day to be on a
snowboard. On some hard turns you can feel the ice below the board  that was left over from the
heat wave Mammoth had last weekend.  But this is really fun.  It snows on and off all day at about
16 degrees, but little wind.

Friday night and the rest of the group of 8 starts to arrive. Kip & I head for the market to get the
rest of the dinner supplies. Nice evening at the condo with the rest of the Kronies. It is snowing
lightly outside. Knowing we always have plenty of desert, we cut the red velvet cake a day early.

Saturday morning and the parking lot at Condo 1 has about 5" of new snow. We drive to Eagle
Lodge parking lot, without chains. We are on one of the first chairs up Chairlift 25, and all you can
see is untracked powder. Again on the board, I make the first run under the chair and around the
trees. The snow is so light you are just floating on air. The 12" of new snow covers up all the ice
below.  I get three great runs before Chair 9 opens. Late due to mechanical issues. Then more
great powder runs. The rest of the group is having a great day as well.
Trip Leader - Kip
In for lunch at McCoy Station I meet up with Jean and Stan for lunch. No one else shows up. Then a trip up the
gondola to the top. The tree sign post is still sticking up above the snow, but you walk straight out from the gondola
building, no steps down to the snow. I  try the backside down to Chair 14. Powder, but a few rocks are showing
through. I meet up with Kip in the late afternoon. She heads in as it is cold and snowing, but I take one more run
down Back for More. The powder is all gone, it was a great two days, but cold.

Kip, with help from Debbie prepare a great home cooked meal. Tomato bisque soup, salad, ocean salmon,
asparagus and sweet potatoes. For desert, more cake and ice cream.  What a feast. Maxine and Harry join us for
dinner and then insist on a cold walk back.
Sunday morning is sunny and much warmer, 45 degrees. The entire mountain has been groomed and the skiing is
easy.  The entire group, Mike B, Kijae, Kip, Harry, Joe, Maxine, & me are led by Mike's childhood friend Steve,
a local resident and retired fireman, all over the mountain.  Joe even went to the top with him, while the rest of us
stopped for lunch. We all meet up again for the longest group ski day in history. Kip and I take our last run of the
season down Cloud 9 Express around 3:00 pm, where the perfect weekend began and ended. Then a nice drive
home. A few of the group stayed for Monday and Tuesday, which was more of the same but warmer. They had
fun at June Mountain on Monday.
Some random observations:
You can fix a hurt knee by hitting it several times with your fist.
You should always stop talking and concentrate when you get on a chairlift so you do not do a face
plant in the powder.
Dish the soup up yourself at Main Lodge or Canyon, so you can get all the vegetables and less broth.
20" of powder in the trees under Chair 25. One of those fresh tracks is mine.
Top of 5 - Maxine (with the blue Kronie Pendant - let
me know if you need one), Kip, Bob, Joe, Bruce,
Harry, Mike (in his new orange pants) & Kijae.
Harry, Kijae, Maxine & Mike at June Mountain on
Judy P. and Bob N. first trip of the season.
Kip's feast looks as good as it tasted.
Bruce uses his Presidential skills to
supervise the dinner clean up by Mike.
Thanks to the KSC board,
especially Fran & Chris who have
the toughest jobs.  Thanks to all
the members that ran such
wonderful trips.  Thanks to 34
years of great skiing and
friendships.  Hope to see you all
at the June Banquet. And thanks
to Christian at Flow Bindings for
fixing mine.

YIDP,  Bruce