Trip Number 5,  2011 Season
March 6 to 11, 2011
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
The Kronenstadt Ski Trip, March 6 - 11 was the second club scheduled mid-week venture.   Nine women
participated:  Jean E, Christel and Barbara B were the first to arrive.  Others arriving throughout Sunday were
Julie, Fran, Kijae, Barbara MK, Gloria, and Karen..

We awoke Monday morning to discover our cars covered with several inches of snow.  How wonderful to have
the worst of the storm pass while we were sleeping.  Monday was, however, a dreary weather ski day.
But the rest of the week was sunny although Thursday's very blustery winds created swirls of white-outs which
made skiing daunting for a few.
Julie, Barbara M, Jean and Fran , getting ready
for the Terrain Park at Chair 6?
Barbara M, Fran & Julie on Cloud 9 Express.
Christel brought a section of a decorative birthday cake; Julie brought pretty and delicious individual mini-cakes;  
BB made enough pasta to feed a cub scout troop. We dined in every night except Tuesday; we chose Tuesday to
have an early supper at Whiskey Creek so Barbara MK could be part of our night out.

On Wednesday our beau ideal Barbara MK left Mammoth to depart on Friday to the West Indies for 2 weeks in
the Dominican Republic cavorting with hump back whales (Megaptera novaeangliai).

A diversion from Alpine skiing happened on Wednesday when Jean, Gloria, Christel and Kijae joined Karen for a
day of cross-country skiing out of and lunching at Tamarak.  The experience was reported as "awesome"  
although there were a few sore muscles the next day.

Gloria appeared to do a single ballet jete before falling on Tuesday, and  Christel reported she took a tumble on
her cross-country  skis -- her first fall in over 10 years.    With spills, spins and such, no one was actually injured.
Christel, Gloria, Karen,  Jean at the Tamarak
Lodge cross country ski park.
Christel, Jean, Gloria, Karen and Kijae at Tamarak
Rather than ski on Friday, we packed-up and left Mammoth around 10:00 a.m. After stopping at Schat's for
sandwiches and condiments, we  began exploring the area out of Big Pine. Taking side-roads through a open
fields, we delighted in discovering monstrously fantastic forms of rocks in hues of amber and ginger with pinnacles
reaching toward the sky.  We picnicked in the woods at Whitney Portal and explored the surrounding area
discovering a deep canyon with songs of an unseen stream; a contrast of snow and pines on one side of the
canyon and dry desert growth of sage and what Christel called "side-of-roadea" growing on our side of the

During our trip It was nice to have Stan drop by in the evenings.  And, with 4 TVs in our condo, there was much
movie watching; Julie brought an absorbing documentary; and was it Stan who brought the human-body exhibit
documentary? Some of us could not watch it.

The trip was so superb, there was talk of more than 1 mid-week trip next year.  The pulse of the perfection of the
venture was the camaraderie amongst the group, looking out for each other and being flexible.  Barbara MK
contributed to the preparation for the trip; Fran is always the warm nurturer of whom you can turn to when in
need; Christel always pre-prepares and does so much to contribute to our well-being.  Jean's gentle patience;
Karen's generousity...just everyone. Like a good opera,  we were in harmony.  

Story by Barbara B.
Barbara, Gloria, Christel, Fran, Jean and Julie enjoying the great snow.    Wish I was there. B.
The trip photographer, Kijae.