Trip Number 3,  2011 Season
February 6 to 11, 2011
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  

Thursday…Sunny, cold, breezy, no crowds, lots of skiing
Some skiers who haven’t skied past 2:30 for several years stretched their day to 3:45 so you know the skiing was great.  

Friday…The five remaining women…Barbara, Christel, Fran, Jean, and Julie were seduced by the Mt. once again and skied all morning before leaving.

Helpful hint:  Don’t let the sun lull you to sleep on Chair 12…‘cause you might have a problem getting off the lift…Guess who?
The outlet stores were very happy to see so many of us shopping for various necessary items.  We could again put on fashion shows!
After the busy days of skiing we enjoyed the evening time relaxing by the fires…Thanks to Barbara, the fire queen!  Some played Sudoku, a mind stretching number puzzle.  Three minds collaborated for the harder puzzles and they “got it!”  We finished out the evenings watched some steamy, some historical, but all educational videos!

As I said before,   “A good time was had by all!”
The following story was written by Jean E about mid week skiing at Mammoth. Pictures by Kijae.     B
February 6 to 11

On our first ever mid-week trip “A delightful time was had by all … Barbara, Christel, Fran, Harry, Jean, Julie, and Kijae!”  Unfortunately, Maxine could not get away as planned, but Mike, Dan, and Stan, who stayed elsewhere, joined us for skiing and evening festivities.  The club provided the usual breakfast menu and some delicious après ski appetizers.  Stan even brought us ice cream cones one evening and helped cook breakfast the next morning!  

Sunday…A cloud came over the Steeler fans who drove up early hoping to see a win.

Monday…We arrived at the Mill Café at 10:30 for the Mt. Tour which changed to our own private Naturalist Tour with Betsy as our guide.  We learned about geology, volcanoes, flora, and fauna during the hour and a half tour.  The Naturalist Tour is usually only on the weekends and we highly recommend it to all of you.  Fran’s usual fearless leader with the orange boots was missing but she conquered her trepidation and skied the top alone several times!

Tuesday…Sunny, very windy, cold, no crowds, lots of skiing

Wednesday…Sunny, very cold, breezy, no crowds, lots of skiing
Harry’s 63rd birthday!     “Happy Birthday to you” in the locker room.  At noon he was almost hit by a falling portable wall in the mid-chalet.  He whacked his knee on the ground at Chair 12.  To top off the day we ate at Whiskey Creek where he shared his huge ice cream sundae and whipped cream with those around the table.  “Happy Birthday to you” a few more times.  We then returned to Condo 1 for more celebration with a fruit tart, healthy cake (from a health food store), and a large chocolate dipped strawberry.  More “Happy Birthday to you”…We love singing!  Julie has the most beautiful voice and can harmonize so well.
Kronies taking a naturalist tour of mammoth.
Kijae, Mike, Dan, Christel, Fran, Jean, Julie and the Birthday Boy, Harry at Whiskey Creek.
Barbara, Jean, Fran Harry, Julie, Stan, Dan & Christel at the condo.