Trip Number 2,  2011 Season
January 28 to 30, 2011
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
For a week before the trip I was not looking forward to what I assumed would be horrible snow conditions. It had not snowed at Mammoth since our last trip on January 12th. The possibility of the most snow ever in December being followed by the least snow ever in January was not a happy thought. On Friday morning Kip and I arrived at Eagle Lodge at 9:30 am and parked on the street. I was going to board that day to try out my new boots. I really don't like boarding on icy slopes but decided to give it a try. It wasn't bad. The grooming of the runs kept them fresh enough to not feel the ice. But don't go into the trees where the snow was like cold rocks. It turned out to be a good day with few people and not to cool weather.
Giant Snowman on the hill by The Mill Restaurant
Sherwin Bowl from the trail from Chair 15 to Cloud Nine Express. A lovely Friday morning.
Saturday was  a ski day, and was more of what I expected, icy hard slopes, windy and cold. That is the perfect time to head to the top of the mountain and travel in a warm gondola. Fran and I made several runs before the Cornice got too slippery. We headed into an early lunch at McCoy's and met up with the rest of the Kronies. Tried the tacos and enchiladas. Okay, but they are not going to put Lupitas out of business. (My favorite low budget Mexican food place in Pasadena. On Sierra Madre at Colorado.) Back out into the wind, which kept getting stronger and colder. Skied around until 3 pm with Julie and Fran until we needed hot chocolate at the Mill. We met up with new friends Isabella (an emergency doctor from Italy) and her friend Sean (a VP in Health Care from Los Angeles). We met them in the gondola in the morning and then along St. Anton and then at the Mill, so we had to get to know them better. Nice people.

Fran & Julie called it quits and Kip and I took the last Chair 3 ride of the day and then skied all the way to the car at Eagle. Which is only 5 minutes from the Condo and we beat Fran and Julie by a half an hour. That night our Trip leader Christel ordered up a nice chicken dinner from the Hot Chix. And topped it off with a great ice cream cake. The movie of the evening was Victoria & Albert.  Thanks Christel - who now finally has a computer and email. Special recognition to the first person to email me with the name of the only person in the club who still does not have email.  (Stan wins emailing 57 minutes after this was originally sent. Dan is the only member that did not give us an email address. B)
Isabella and Sean at the Mill. They met on a boat in the Maldives while she was diving and he was surfing.
Maxine flying the Kronie Pendant, with Woolly and Kijae.
Christel, Julie, Aili, Stan, Kijae, Fran, Harry, Maxine, Bruce, Stan (trying not to smile), Chris and Kip.  Not exactly Photoshop but I got everyone at dinner in the picture. Art and Luis were on the trip, but got a better dinner offer elsewhere.
The next morning we woke up to a snowy surprise.  6"-8" of new snow on the mountain and more falling. The perfect day to get back on the snowboard with my new boots. Which were warm and toasty even though it was really cold and windy. Only four of us made it to lunch, but we had a long talk with Mark, the Mammoth Lift service supervisor. He told us all about how to build a ski lift from a kit of parts.  The chairlifts are made in Taiwan?  Really nice guy, and Fran feels even safer now, knowing about the lifts. Most of the group got to benefit from the new snow on Monday and Tuesday, but we headed home around 3:30 pm. And we did not need chains.
The Mini loves a dusting of new powder outside Condo 1.
Fran, showing the clubs colors and Julie sporting her new French helmet on Saturday, just after skiing down Upper Dry Creek.
Kip, Pam and Maxine.
Maxine and Harry at the Top of Broadway Express.
The next trip begins on Super Bowl Sunday and is our first 5 day adventure at Mammoth.  I won't be there, so somebody better send me pictures and a story.  Have a great time.           Bruce
The Top, hard & fast.