Trip Number 1,  2011 Season
January 7 to 11, 2010
Kronenstadt Ski Club
Pasadena, California  
The 2011 season stared off slowly.  We were down to only 4 sign ups for the opening December trip and decided to cancel, since there was not much snow. Yet!  The next day the El Nina season kicked in and Mammoth Mountain received the most snow ever in December since they began record keeping in 1969. By the time of this trip Mammoth had 16 feet of snow.  Hardly an exposed rock anywhere.

We had a full trip with 16 Kronies.  As usual Kip and I arrived early and skied all day on Friday.  The snow was good and the crowds light so I snow boarded. The cafeteria seemed really busy, making us think that Saturday would be crowded.  Back at the Condo I join Karen, Stan & Dan for dinner at Berger's Burgers. To bed early since we were up at 3:00 am. We found a nice new place for breakfast in Lone Pine. The Alabama Hills Cafe and Bakery. It is on the side street, in the same building as the Mt. Whitney Restaurant. All home made breads and pastry. Very good.
Mammoth Trail Map, which everyone should have memorized since we come here so often.
Saturday we are the first up Cloud 9 Express, then meet Becky and Fran on Facelift Express.  After one warm up run, the three of us head up to the Cornice. Another great day of skiing. Not cold, good snow and not that crowded.  There is a new sign at the lift entrance for Management and Ski School.  It says Black Pass Holders.  These we found out are for those people with more money than sense that fly their own jets into Mammoth.  For only $10,500.00 for 4 years you can cut to the front of the line.  We which did not even to do since the lines were non-existent.

Mammoth has expanded the eating facilities at McCoy Station by turning the sundries shop in the lobby into a line. Fran had a sandwich that used two waffles as the bread. She liked it, but a bit sweet for my taste.

At the end of the day as I take off my boots, I discover that the heel plate on both boots is gone.  The guy in the car next to us says Footloose is the best place to find old parts.  After a shower I head out to Footloose. When I show them the boot they do not look confident.  This boot is at least 12 years old.  They wander off to check the back room and I head to the new boot section. The cheapest was $500 and went up to $900.  Plus Fran and Kip depend on the orange boots to help find me on the mountain.  He comes back with a package in hand.  $20 for two new pads and they put them on. This is the best shop in Mammoth!  But I am still checking for snowboard boots, which they do not carry.
Fran, Woolly, Bruce and Kip on the top of Chair 5.
Bottom of Chair 5 on lovely Sunny Day.
Jean, our Trip Chairman ordered up a filling Italian dinner from Giovanni's. Susan, Nancy's sister, joined us for dinner, since the Balboa Ski Club trips she was on do not included food. The weather on Saturday was overcast and much cooler than Friday.  But on Sunday the clouds are mostly gone and blue skies have returned.  However they brought along 50-80 MPH winds with them.  Not the kind of day that I should have worn sunglasses. The trip down the ridge to get to Cornice Bowl is the worst.  So Fran decides to just drop into Climax Bowl.  Or was that my idea.  I meet up with Kip at 3:00pm for our drive home. The rest of the Kronies stay for more skiing.  See Jean's story below.             Bruce
Above Fran on Climax.  The wind blew great snow down the hill, so the skiing just kept being better.  Fran loves waterfalls, so we tried skiing the one at Mammoth. Can you find that run on the map?
Sunday evening we had leftovers in Condo #1 and then Christel, Fran, Gloria, and Nancy went to see True Grit and the rest of us relaxed at home by the fire.

Monday morning was cold...16 and warmed up to about 26.  We all skied in the BREEZE and a mix of morning clouds and afternoon partial sun.  That evening most of us went to Whiskey Creek for their early bird specials.  What a great deal and wonderful food!  Christel, Fran, Gloria, Nancy, and Jean walked off dinner by shopping at the Outlet Stores and made some very necessary purchases!  

Tuesday was a little warmer and light snow was falling so several folks left for home early, but Barbara, Christel, Jean, Mike, and Harry skied until 11:30am.  We then headed down the Mt., with the usual stop for lunch at Schatt's in Bishop.  Our ride home included a stop at Coso Junction so Nancy could catch up on the news with her friend Jerry.  This story has spanned years and is basically Jerry trying to reconnect with his high school girlfriend.  Nancy is there to give him advice and encouragement!  

The next event witnessed by Nancy, Christel, and Jean was the MOST AMAZING thing we have ever seen on Hwy. 395.  Just about a mile before Pearsonville, the Hub Cap Capital of the World, we saw police lights flashing and three CHP cars moving slowly along the right side of the road as the cars and trucks slowed to a crawl.  They were escorting a mother Brahma cow who was walking near the lanes of traffic.  Her year old calf was on the other side of the barbed wire fence being followed by a truck.  How did they get there and where were they going?  We do not know...but they would have to travel quite a distance to get to one another and then get across the cattle guards.  Hope it all turned out well!

We Have room for two more on the next trip and need to get it filled. Call you friends.